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Insults and Flattery

Posted on Mon Sep 5th, 2016 @ 12:55am by Chief Petty Officer Ginifred Klem & Lieutenant Raza

Mission: 863
Timeline: June - 30th -2388

Things were being tossed left and right, nearly hitting a young crewmen who had the misfortune of being assigned the task to 'assist' as Chief Petty Officer Ginifred Klem went through unit after unit, locker after locker, getting things ready for the SS Star of India. The Tellarite woman let out a series of frustrated snorts as she leaned into a large crate, her hooves coming off the ground and she very well nearly toppled herself right into the storage crate. “Useless....useless....USELESS” she said as things went flying over the shoulder of the crewmen who was dodging things left and right. “Ah yes perfect” she said as she came out of the crate, her hooves touching the solid deck once again as she turned around to see that the room was a mess. “Crewmen” she said shaking her head. “It looks like a Ferengi rummage sale in here.” she said snorting as she held her finds in her arms.

The Tellarite let out an exhausted sigh. “I'm not even officially reported for duty yet, wouldn't you know” she said snorting. “But we been given the bare minimal. They told me the armory barely had a thing in it and they plan on sending us in well pirated sectors of space. Well, I told that Captain...sounds like a very nice young man, that I'd wrestle him up some extra supplies” she added as she put her haul into a large satchel. “Starship is older than me and they had to pull her out of the salvage yards and send her back to a shipyard just to get her polished back up to working conditions.”

To the best of his abilities, the crewmen simply nodded and answered the woman with a disinterested reply of 'Yes, Chief' or something along the lines of an 'mmmhmm' to satisfy the talkative Tellarite who seemed like all she wanted to do was complain about this and that, causing the crewmen to ponder if she just enjoyed hearing herself talk. Fortunately, she was tolerant and understanding of other species and their customs and beliefs. Back on her home world in the presence of another Tellarite she would have raised the tone of her voice and argued to show a sign of great respect and appreciation for the crewmen, even insulting him because for a snot nosed pink skinned human, he was kind of cute...not that she had any interest in him. Ginny shook her head and scoffed at the mere thought.

The room was occupied by a few other people, but one of them Ginny found particularly interesting. “I thought I smelt something weird in here” she said quite loudly, echoing throughout the room as she locked eyes onto a Saurian. “Thought I got a whiff of Klingon foot fungi, but nope just a Saurian” she said insultingly. In Tellarite culture insults were shared among the closest of friends. She did not know the man, but Ginny was unpleasantly pleasant to anyone she met unless she knew they did not understand her culture or if she downright did not like someone. In either case, she was nearly sickenly sweet to them.

"Of course, we have to have a Tight lipped iguana running around here. You know, you talk too much to yourself and the rest of us who are actually trying to get supplies for our ships actually would like to do it in 'SILENCE', unfortunately we cant because your lips are flapping you over sized targ!" The saurian stated boldly as he went back to work, Padd in hand as he made sure he checked the weapons cases, the ration cases and made sure his order of saurian ale was present, though most do not enjoy the ale, he did.

Ginny walked over to the Saurian, her hoofed feet going click clank click clank across the deck. She gave the man a good smack on the back before continuing their conversation. "At least I gums to flap you overgrown radioactive salamander!" she shouted with a bellyful laugh. Her voice was like claws on running down a bulkhead as she cackled her and continued in a very guttural tone. "Your species is so ugly that even a non-corporeal Medusan couldn't stand to look at you" she added. "What starship could possibly want you slithering about? What position in a crew do you hold, bartender? I hope your pour of Saurian Brandy is at least halfway decent" she added.

"Im a Dragon, cant you see correctly you blind Gorn!. Oh wait, Gorn are prettier so never mind!" Raza retorted as he felt the weight of the slap. "Stationed on the SS Star of India. Just making sure the ships got a stocked Armory, Emergency supplies, and enough Dragon Brandy to sink forty Oberth starships, you blind walking Python." Raza called back as he checked off each supply crate on his list.

The Tellarite had good bellyful chuckle at the man's retort. "You say dragon, I say overgrown lizard with wings...and I don't see the wings, darling" she replied shaking her head. "Your species are damned confusing. Air breathers with gills who can breath underwater and your planet? Don't get me started on that toxic hunk of rock" she said with a heavy sigh. Chief Klem then extended her hand or what constituted as one. She had her 'hands' surgically crafted. they were still somewhat hoof like but somewhat resembled human hands. "Chief Petty Officer Ginifred Klem, your new neighbor and shipmate aboard the Star of India" she said introducing herself.

Taking her half hoofed hand and shook it. "God help us with you around." Raza said with a half smile. "Yeah planets toxic, it just means that you wont survive long and my planet will make your stay as uncomfortable as possible, you fat Cardassian." Raza called out as he opened up one of the containers to make sure everything was counted for. "Is 100 type three phaser rifles and 50 type two phasers enough to fill the armory?, time in Starfleet has taught me to be over prepared. Thought I would leave the Grenades though, I could get my hands on them rather quickly if you think we could use them." He asked plainly without insult this time, giving a half smile.

She scoffed "More than enough you paranoid, Romulan" she replied as she picked up her satchel. "I rummaged around a bit and got some Type one phasers...the Captain said he wanted crickets. The type twos should be fine, but they aren't going to allow us more than a few phaser rifles unfortunately" she said grunting. "Starfleet and the Federation does not like to supply heavy arms to 'non-Starfleet' vessels" she said with clear dislike in her voice. "Best leave the riffles" she added.

"Well I think ill take two cases of rifles anyways, 10 rifles is better anyways and I rather be an over prepared, Romulan than a dead Tellarite. After all I am in charge of keeping the ship safe during potential evacuations and the like. I ordered us 50 Photon grenades and 50 Sonic Grenades. Whatcha think, Walking dead Satyr." He asked curiously. "By the way do you even know how to use a phaser or do you do most of your fighting in mouthing off, Hydra's Breath." Raza called to Ginny.

Chief Klem put a hand on her hip and looked at the Saurian as though she were going to chow down on him right then and there. "Ten rifles should be enough for us to get by any red tape from Starfleet" she said first addressing that matter. "Now, listen to me honey. You don't go asking an old gal like me if she even knows how to fire a phaser. I've been in my share of fights and am old enough to have lived through my fair share of wars" she said shaking her head and stomping his hooves. "I am more than certified to fire a phaser and I'm not talking just about these little crickets, ya hear me? I was a member of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, am a decorated veteran of the Dominion War and I hold certifications in Demolitions, Structural Engineering, and Transporter Operations."

"Impressive Resume, Billy chops. But I will need to see your skill first hand before I put any phaser near you or any person aboard ship, this way I can gauge the full capabilities of the crew. After all, I am fully aware of your mouth satyr chops, I would prefer to see you do more than just talk to people to death with 'Useless' jabber. Dont worry, everyone else will be under the same restrictions as everyone else. Until I clear the crew personally no one touches these. Also not sure when you left Starfleet ancient one, but things have most likely changed since your service." Raza said grinning as he cleared the crates of weapons and requested a couple more crates of type one personal phasers.

She gave the Saurian a cold state before letting out a good chuckle. "You trade insults well" she said calmly. "I've served with Humans and other may relax. I love good witty banter and insults like the rest of my species, but I'm fine talking like this and being straightforward with you" she explained. "I left Starfleet this month, no more than two weeks ago."

"Oh well in two weeks a lot can change, Oh fat beholder." Raza stated with a half grin. "I have done some time as a security officer training from the Marines themselves while they visited us at the academy and taught us a few things about hand to hand combat. So it should prove useful to give some of that knowledge away, after all the SS India as will refer to it, its simpler dontcha think?, well anyways, that ship is the perfect design for close quarter fighting." Raza said grinning. "As for straightforwardness, yes, I find most species cant be honest with each other, so I try to be honest all the time. Regardless if I offend someone, if they are offended then it means its usually true." He said with a half snort snicker.

Chief Klem let out a grunting snort as she picked up and rearranged to heavy satchel, shouldering the weight. "Yeah, whatever you say, Lizard lips. All I know is that the cargo we carry will often be important. So, lets try not to get boarded and put your close quarter combat to the test" said Ginny. "The last starship I was on was the USS Hera. She was a fine Nebula class, but it was time to turn in the comm badge and retire from Starfleet. What do you say? How about we go get this loot packed up and head to the Star of India?"

"Oh Dont talk to me about being a lizard, your mother was the lizard, im an amphibian." Raza said half smiling. "Just double checking, oh darn. Give me a second, Petty Officer." Raza said as he headed off and talked to the officer at the desk and they both seemed to compare padds for a moment and then he disappeared, and within seconds extra cargo was beamed into Raza's pile. Raza nodded in thanks and left to join Klem. "Well, wouldnt want to misplace anything, As for how to get this to the ship. I believe she is docked, so a simple transporter would get the supplies to the cargo bay for the crew would suffice. Do you have anything to be transported?, if so I need to check those supplies to make sure we arent transporting any bombs or the like." Raza asked as he took out a tricorder and began scanning his own supplies to ensure their werent even explosives on the crates.

"Chief Petty Officer" she snorted in response and grunted at him. I'm very particular about that she thought to herself. "But you may simply call me Chief if you'd like" added Ginny. "Transporters work for me, but I'm manning the console. I don't trust none of these youngsters with anything unless I've trained them myself" she explained. She shook her head dismissively as he checked over the supplies with a tricorder.

"Alright, Chief Satyr, got it." Raza said nodding at Gini. "Alright, all supplies seem to be clear of any potential bombs, poisons or listening devices. Lets get these supplies onboard." Raza said moving over to the transporter console nearby. "Here you go, Chief Satyr Breath. Just program it for the SS Star of India and then you carry me to the ship so I can arrive in Regal and royal style, Mount bait." Raza said snickering slightly.

Chief Klem took up position behind the transporter console and began putting in the coordinates after coordinating with someone aboard the starship. "Stand by" she said to the Saurian. "Transporting the supplies now...and there we go" she said as the supplies were engulfed in the shimmering effect for a few moments before dematerializing. She nodded after the last of it was gone. "Star of India reports transport successful, Sir" she said reporting her progress. I cannot believe I have to call him, Sir. At least he's not as bad as Ensign Beaumont she thought about the USS Hera's former Chief Engineer. She then placed a hand on her hip. "Do I look like I'm your noble steed?"

"I dont know, go on all fours, give you a saddle, maybe a bit more muscle and you could pull off the task of a mount quite well." Raza said heading to the transporter room for people and not cargo. "Dont call me, sir. Its either Lt or Raza but never, Sir. I actually work for a living." Raza said snickering to himself as he thought of Gini as a dire lizard with a saddle and then broke out in a hard raspy laughter. "C...C...Cmon, Chief. Gotta get aboard before she decides to leave spacedock." he said between fits of laughter.

The Tellarite scoffed. "She's screwed if she leaves without me. I am the one primarily responsible for our contracts and clients. They would not be in very good shape as a cargo ship without any cargo" she replied. "Raza" she continued with a nod. "Then, call me Ginny" added the woman.


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