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Posted on Sat Sep 10th, 2016 @ 7:09am by Commander Jesse Temple & Anne Chouvie

Mission: 863
Location: Mess Hall

Jesse continued the walking tour of their new home, striding purposefully through the nearly empty corridors. There were some skeleton crew keeping the Star of India running, while the refurbishment team put the final touches on their remarkable renovations, with the main crew slowly finding their way to the vessel. There was an alert on his PaDD whenever a new crew member arrived and he was excited to see both the Chiefs of Security and Medical were now on board too. He made a mental note to meet with them both but he had a more pressing matter to deal with first.

The Marine had intently been plotting a course through to the dining hall, figuring out the most efficient way to get there from the Bridge. An officer should always know the fastest way to the food, he thought.

As Jesse entered the Mess, he immediately spotted the vivacious hair of a woman in the kitchen. He walked casually over to the galley window and cleared his throat.

"Good afternoon, ma'am," He spoke.

Ma'am?... What kind of lily-livered, pudding head would call her that? Anne thought as she moved her stir fry pan off the heat and finished it up with a few spices. Then she turned to the man to look him over, her head tilted to one side. "Hey. Something I can make for you? Sandwiches, stir fry and drinks are about all I can make right now. Everything else is in storage still. Otherwise, there's the ration packs." As she mentioned the rations, she pointed over the man's shoulder to the case of rations on a far table. "I suppose I could make a nice rice dish with them..."

Jesse smiled at the chef's suggestion, "No, ma'am, I'd prefer not to eat the rations. Had my fair share of those in boot camp. That fry smells awfully nice though, if you've got some to spare?"

"Yeah, I can make some more up. Best I not eat alone, I guess. You might want to chat or something." Anne then set about making another batch of stir-fry.

He watched as the lady moved effortlessly about the kitchen like a choreographed dance. "I'm Commander Temple, by the way. I'll be the Star's Chief Officer."

"Chief Officer, huh? I'm Anne." Anne was adding in a few more ingredients and was almost done when she caught herself about to put in her super hot spices. Pausing, she looked over at the commander. "Spicy or mild?"

Jesse's face broke into a broad smile, happy to answer the question, "I'm from New Orleans, ma'am, I don't do mild."

"Fair enough." she replied, tossing her usual amount of spices, turning the stir fry red and producing a small burst of flame from the stove. Then after a few more seconds stiring it up, she plated the lot and set it in front of her guest before coming around with her own plate to dig in.

As he received his plate, the Marine gave his sincere gratitude to the chef and immediately tucked into his meal. He savoured the plentiful tastes and crunchy vegetables. The mixes of spices and flavours sending choruses of sensations through his mouth. He gave a little smile of approval, nodding to Anne as he did.

"You do make a mean stir fry, Anne," He spoke between mouthfuls, "How long have you been on board?"

"Not that long. Few weeks I guess. Long enough to stock the kitchen right, at least." Anne replied before taking a few bites from her own plate. "I suppose I should ask you something now, huh? Anything you'd like to volunteer?"

"Just a regular grunt turned officer," Jesse shrugged. "And now turned Merchant Marine. Actually, I've been used to Federation run ships for some time, most of the necessary functions are streamlined and automated, there's a large crew covering everything. So it's going to be a steep learning curve keeping a ship like this flowing smoothly."

He took another big mouthful of food, chewed on it heartily and continued, "So please don't hesitate to come to me if you need anything, or if something's not working. Ways I see it, I'm here to work for you."

"Then as long as everything works fine, I'll feed you well. I might need to order more chilies though. Half the shipment I ordered got mixed up with chili mix. Now I'm waiting on a case of cornbread mix to go with it." Anne said before taking a few more bites.

Jesse's fork scraped loudly around the bowl as he quickly finished his meal. He chased the last green bean around before decisively stabbing it with gusto and popping it into his awaiting mouth. As he chewed, he stood up and moved to walk into the kitchen. Placing his bowl in the sonic washer, like his grandmother always taught him, the Marine returned and gave the Chef an appreciative smile.

"Well thank you very much for the meal, ma'am," He spoke, still licking his lips some, "That was the best darn fry I've had in a long while. I'll be sure to come back again soon."

With a nod, he exited the Mess and made his way towards the Cargo Bay for his next destination.



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