Stepping Up

Posted on Mon Dec 5th, 2016 @ 7:39pm by Lieutenant JG Julia Clinton & Commander Jesse Temple

Mission: 863
Location: Engineering

It hadn't taken long for the Engineering crew to find a replacement for the suddenly departed Lieutenant Dakkar as Chief of Department. If there was ever a team that was known for being adaptable problem-solvers, it was Engineering. They could patch together a warp core with regular solvent and keep her running.

Jesse arrived in Engineering to great the new Chief, Lieutenant Clinton. He spotted the younger woman by a work station and greeted her with his trademark smile.

"Good day, Lieutenant," Temple began, "I hear congratulations are in order."

"What for being assigned to this garbage scow." Julia muttered under her breath "Yes, I'm so lucky, to be assigned to..." she paused as she couldn't find the words she was looking for. She should be standing on a brand new ship, with the latest technological advancements that Starfleet had, instead she was being punished. "This fine ship." she finished while looking at the Commander.

Jesse raised a decidedly curious eyebrow at the Lieutenant's whispering. In the Corp, muttering like that in front of a superior officer would have you cleaning the latrines with a toothbrush, but Jesse feared it was too early to give Ms. Clinton one of his "When I was a marine..." speeches just yet.

Instead, he smiled, "Well, I don't know if you've read the reports from last night but we gave the old girl a bit of a shakedown. First, through some evasive manoeuvres practice, then some incidental practical manoeuvres after a Gorn ship decided to play some games with us. I was wondering how our little Oberth was fairing this morning after last night's excitement?"

"It's a miracle we are still alive, I thought this old bird would have shaken apart at the seams, did they un-mothball her from a scrap heap. The only good thing is the warp core is for its age is in pretty good shape. However the response time is another issue, they are completely inadequate, I have a team looking at it now," she replied

Jesse frowned, "You seem less than confident in Star Fleet's restoration team." The Marine looked around the small Engineering bay, a small smile playing on his bearded lips. "I can assure you, though she's tore plenty, she'll still fly true."

Julia raised an eye brow "I'll take your word on that." she replied

Commander Temple handed over a PADD to the Lieutenant, "I would suggest enlisting Chief Petty Officer Klem to help you, she was previously working on those issues you mentioned, and she'll be a capable member of your team."

"Thank you sir." she said pondering on that she hadn't actually introduced herself to anyone yet, she hadn't even given her orders to the Captain or checked in with medical yet.

Jesse decided he wouldn't hold up the woman any longer, "Well I have some more rounds to complete. We'll be arriving as Cestus three soon, so if you require anything for Engineering, please complete a requisition form and we'll get you sorted."

"Sir, thank you."

"Very well," Temple replied with a smile, "All the best and congratulations once more on your appointment. If you need anything else, just holler."

With that, the marine departed Engineering and was off to complete his other duties.

Julia gave a sigh, "This is going to be hell" she said softly as she looked over the padd and thought about hunting Chief Petty Officer Klem down."