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The Captain's Temple

Posted on Thu Aug 25th, 2016 @ 5:36am by Captain Avin Singh & Commander Jesse Temple
Edited on on Mon Aug 29th, 2016 @ 1:33pm

Mission: 863
Location: Star of India | Deck 1 | Ready Room
Timeline: June - 30th - 2388

It had not been too long ago that the SS Star of India was saved from what was to be her final resting place amongst dozens of decommissioned starships at a Federation junkyard, where from time to time she'd be visited and stripped overtime of parts and pieces. The exterior had been given a fresh coat of paint and brought back to life. The interior had underwent a refitting as well with some changes in the interior decorating, but some parts of the ship were a bit mismatch. With barely a crew yet, Avin was pleased to at least know he was getting a First Officer, a Chief Officer...a right hand in the matter.

Avin's first order of business after getting his helmsmen aboard was to meet with his new Chief Officer, a former Starfleet Marine Officer who had now turned to the Merchant Marines for some reason. Some greater reason, some other purpose perhaps? For Avin the Merchant Marines was an opportunity to get back into space travel and finding a place for himself, a calling that Starfleet could no longer give him. The Captain's Ready Room was a medium grey colored room with generic looking beige-grey carpeting on the deck floor and a simplistic desk set up. There was an area off to the side of the room with a small lounge feel to it. However, the room was small and was more comfortably suited for no more than five individuals at once.

The sofa chairs and the Avin's desk chair were a darker shade of green somewhere between a dull jade and a forest green. He sat in his chair behind his desk looking over recent reports in the area of standard operations for the 93rd Task Force which the SS Star of India was technically a part of in an reserve auxiliary capacity as far as Starfleet went. For the Federation Merchant Marines, she was not really bound by anywhere. Though she would be dealing with the Beta Quadrant. Taking a sip from his drink, Avin was caught by surprise, slightly startled when the door chime went off.

Jesse hadn't long slung his rucksack into his quarters before he took a walking tour of the SS Star of India. It was a habit he had gotten into as he rised through the Star Fleet ranks; walking every floor of a new ship on his first day. He was determined to become accustomed to its corridors and bulkheads as soon as possible.

As he walked, Temple receieved notification that the Captain had returned onboard and dutifiully made his way to Singh's Ready Room. He could tell he'd surprised the Captain with his sudden appearance.

"Sorry, sir, if I've come at a bad time," Jesse sheepishly drawled through the closed door.

"It's alright, come in" he called out to the presence on the other side of the door. Avin was anticipating his new Chief Officer. He quickly stood up as the doors opened and had a quick look at the man. "Jesse Temple?" asked Avnin as he reached over his desk extended a hand, a gesture of appreciation and welcoming the man aboard. "Avininder Singh, Commanding Officer for the Star of India" he added introducing himself semi formally.

Jesse instinctively reached out and received the Captain's welcoming shake with a polite smile, before he pulled both arms behind his back again and remained at attention; his back stiff as a board and head titled up firmly.

"Thank you sir," Temple spoke, "Commander Temple, reporting for duty sir. Ready to receive your authorisation."

Avin let out an airy scoff that was the stopping point of a contained chuckle. "I appreciate the enthusiasm. Though the authorization process is mostly set up" said the Captain as he retrieved a PaDD and handed it to the man. "Your authorization codes, room assignment, and all essential information is all here for you to study up on and memorize as needed. Though the Star of India has been refitted and updated the best she could be in the amount of time we had, she's not the most internally secure starship" said the Captain.

He came out from around his desk and walked toward the side of the Ready Room, taking a seat on the couch and sofa looking are that could sit a few people if necessary. Avin gestured the former marine to join him. "I've been sitting behind that desk for the past hour" he explained simply. "You never really understand why Captains are so damn fidgety until you are in their chairs and behind their desks" he added shaking his head. "We aren't a Starfleet vessel. You obviously know that. Though we have been brought up to speed technologically speaking, we don't have to top of the line state of the art systems."

Temple gave a nod, "I've never been fond of desks myself, sir."

Jesse paused before taking the Captain's invitation to sit down. He was unaccustomed to being so informal with his superior officers, especially on first meeting. He wondered though that he might insult Captain Singh if he did not reciprocate the offer, so he sat awkwardly on the egde of the lounge.

"I will familiarise myself with the ship's systems as soon as possible, sir," Temple replied, "And adapt my routines accordingly. How long do you anticipate we'll be in dry dock?"

Avin reached into his pocket and pulled out an ancient antique pocket watch from Earth. "Not long enough to get a full crew compliment together, that's for sure. I plan to leave by the end of the day as soon as I can get finalized orders" replied the Captain. "Which I expect within the next few hours" he added. "A Cargo run from what I gather, though I'm anticipating there's more to it."

Temple nodded, giving his hairy chin a contemplative stroke. "I suppose in the Merchant marines we can always recruit crew along the way. We'll find folks willing and able to serve."

Jesse looked out the Captain's generous port window as a refit ship cruised past, making their final checks.

"Given we are due to depart without a full compliment," He began again, "I was wondering if I could put my previous experience to use in fulfilling one of the key departments? With your permission, I would like to run the Security team until we can recruit a suitable Chief."

Avin nodded. "Please do so. I might have to handle anything scientific until we can get a member of the crew with a scientific background. Otherwise, we quite literally might get swallowed by some celestial entity if we are not careful."

Temple laughed, "I hope you've got yourself a pilot who won't fly into such a mess."

Avin knew the pilot he had. The thoughts flashed throuhg his mind and he simply nodded. "I guess we will just have to find out" he said shaking his head.


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