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Armed And Dangerous

Posted on Sun Oct 16th, 2016 @ 9:18am by Commander Jesse Temple & Lieutenant Raza

Mission: 863
Location: Crew Quarters

Jesse was getting ready to go back on duty, having taken the night shift on Bridge, and was working on his procedures and checklists in preparation. He was excited to work with the officers that evening, hoping to make a good impression on his new crewmates. That was probably why he liked to prepare so much; still trying to prove himself to be a good Federation man.

Upon one of his checklist was helping Lieutenant Raza initiate a weapons training course, and so he decide now was a good time to get that organised.

Jesse tapped his comms badge, =/\= Lieutenant Raza, please see me in my quarters as soon as possible. =/\=

Raza was in the armory, checking and rechecking arms lockers as was his normal duties from being a security officer, when the call came in from the XO. =^= "On my way sir." =^= Raza said as he left the Armory and headed for the XOs quarters a bit perplexed as to why he wanted to see him, a few minutes later he arrived and walked threw the door, as to his reasoning was, he was invited and ordered so their was no need to knock.

Temple was in the middle of finishing his daily reports when the Lieutenant arrived and Jesse jumped to his feet to greet Mr Raza with an extended hand.

"Welcome, Lieutenant," He smiled, "Thanks for coming to see me so promptly. I hope I didn't interrupt anything?"

"Just checking weapons lockers, and thinking sir. So not much, what do you need?" Raza asked curiously.

Temple indicated to the couch and took a seat. "If it's okay with you, I had some thoughts on your phaser training and wanted to implement your idea as soon as possible. No time like the present, right?"

"Oh of course. Though, I have met some resistance to the idea from our ships CMO, but I told the Captain which I think he was surprised that one of his crew actually wanted to talk to him but, not sure if anything will come of it. Ill be shocked if it does. But sure, what are your thoughts, sir?" Raza asked curiously.

"Well I'm glad you brought up Dr. Rehu, actually," Temple replied with a cautious smile, "I spent some time in the Holodeck with him today and found him to be more than capable in regards to weapons and combat. The man has skills. The Romulans sure don't muck around when it comes to training."

"But it brings me to my first thought," Temple smiled again, "It won't be too long till we hit the Federation supply station and we're on our way to delivering our cargo. I'd like to spend that time training those who really need it first and prioritise our less proficient crew?"

"I am sure that the Doctor is proficient, but I would be neglectful in my duties if I allowed everyone who hasnt passed my tests to run around with a weapon. So until he does go threw my tests and passes both Grax with rifles and myself with hand phasers, I cant let him use any phasers or otherwise. This I am adamant about. Everyone participates, I even have too, why?, because I am a superior ranked officer and have to set an example. You have to set an example, the Captain has to set an even higher example and the CMO is the medical officer and an officer onboard so even he has to set an example to the low ranked crew. If we dont set these examples for the crew, they may start to question authority and that right their is when it will cause a problem. If the officers cant uphold a simple weapons test to pass by Grax and I both, they will cause problems and that I cant have. What happens if we have to evacuate and there is dissension in the crew?, they will not respond to a higher authority because we set the example saying they can do whatever the hell they want, discipline will break down and it will get even more people killed if they stampede. So sir, just because your an officer doesnt give you or anyone the right to get out of a test that you have to set an example at to maintain discipline." Raza said making it quite obvious he wasnt going to move from his position.

"So as you can see, sir. I will not permit him or anyone, not even you or the Captain, sir to have a weapon outside of the weapon lockers until I see first hand they can pass 'my' test. I am sure you mean well, but I was hired on as ships safety officer, correct?, you sure you want me to be neglectful in my duties when it could cost everyone their lives?. That is a form of murder sir, and you dont want to be accused of murdering your entire crew, do you? when you had a means and motive to stop it?. Discipline is a tricky thing and that also falls under my job description, sir. Making sure everyone has the discipline to handle situations, and alot falls under Discipline, sir." Raza explained.

Jesse grimaced a little, "I'm sorry if I've gotten you worked up Mr Raza. Please know that I absolutely support your training program, and will be participating myself. Me and the Captain care about the safety of this crew just as much as you do."

The Commander shifted in his seat, "I just want to do this efficiently given our very short turn around. And I hear ya, we're all coming onto this ship as new crew members. No one has completed your training yet, to your standard, so you feel everyone needs to do it. I understand that, I do. But there will some folks on board who have zero previous experience, and those who do have prior experience. I want us to target those with zero experience first, and then work our way up. Does that sound efficient to you?"

"No offense is taken, Mister Temple. Like you take your job seriously, I take mine even more so. You command a ship to make sure everyone gets to and from our destination alive. My job is to ensure we are alive long enough to get to and from our destination intact. Same job parameters just different ways of doing it, so there was no offense given. Everyone thinks my job is an easy one, it really isnt." Raza explained he wasnt offended. "Infact that is part of my training regime. I will be testing officer's skills first. Then I will pair people up with officers so they can teach their department subordinates under Grax and I's supervision. I will make sure everyone is up to the task of training those under them. I will also be running a evacuation course with all senior officers. That way they know the evacuation protocols and then they can help those below them." Raza explained his course.

"Now, I think Mr Grax will be busy training his team so I am happy to help conduct the phaser or rifle training with you. And I want to help too, as it will show the crew how seriously we regard safety." Jesse continued, "I have here some details of my personal phaser testing program from the holodeck. It's Fleet Marine standard but there are different levels and difficulties. You are free to duplicate the program and modify it to your standards as you please."

Taking the padd he looked over it and nodded. "Not bad, some improvements but not bad. Do you know anything about small team tactics? if not, I can teach a course in that as well to the officers to ensure that if we are boarded, everyone knows what to do." Raza explained.

"Well yeah, we always worked in squads." Jesse replied, thinking fondly, "Small teams, everyone had a role from the top down. It makes things easier when the situation gets sticky."

He received the PaDD back from Raza and scrolled through the crew manifest. Thankfully it wasn't too large. "Now, on Federation vessels, the department head has responsibility for overseeing evacuations and forced incursions for their team. Anyone holding a Chief role should be familiar with protocol for both situations but obviously we will need to refresh everyone's training. Given we won't have a large crew compliment, it will be necessary for everyone to have a specific role."

"Chief positions will have a specific role during evacuations, for the moment, they will be responsible for their departments. So if we have to evac, all ports and escape pods will be supplied, all department heads, will be able to grab needed basic supplies quickly and then depart. I have already timed that it should take everyone a total of two minutes to evacuate this ship after they know where to go, what to grab and then get personnel to their assigned escape pods or shuttles. If done correctly, everyone should live during an evacuation, but I wont know the full extent of how much I have to train officers and crew in these new protocols until I actually teach them the protocols. If they listen and learn, no one will die. Now if they fight me every step of the way, then you and I both know that will kill everyone more effectively then being shot with a phaser." Raza explained.

Temple nodded, "I doubt anyone wishes for that to happen. We just need to ensure our training is comprehensive and efficient. How soon would you like to start training crew? I'm on Bridge duty tonight but could assist afterwards, if you'd like?"

"Of course, if you wish to assist, that is your right. As for when, as soon as humanly possible. Sooner I can ascertain skill levels the better off everyone will be." Raza replied.

Jesse stood again, "Very well, just let me know when you're ready to begin." He smiled and reached out to shake the Lieutenant's hand again, "If you'll excuse me, Mr Raza, but I have some work still to do before I go on the Bridge. Always be prepared, right? But thank you for coming up to see me, I really appreciate it."

"You can never be prepared enough, sir." Raza replied as he saluted and left.

Jesse farewelled the Lieutenant and returned to his busy work, thankful he could check another item off his list.


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