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Boma Steaks

Posted on Sun Nov 13th, 2016 @ 3:25am by Captain Avin Singh & Anne Chouvie

Mission: 863
Location: Galley

Anne had sent a message to the captain some time ago telling him to bring an appetite to dinner. She'd gotten her foodstuffs and she wanted him to have the first boma steak. It was an almost buttery meat, full of juiciness and flavor and combined with her curry spices was a mouth watering addition to the kitchen stocks. Sixteen crates of these - three whole boma - along with thirty crates of fresh produce. She could feed the crew for a year just on this deal. Finishing up the steak, she checked on the souffle and casseroles in the ovens before plating it up for the captain.

The Captain had received Anne's message and invitation to which he kindly accepted to an extent. He was there now in the Mess Hall nearing the Galley, the aroma of the room was wonderful. "Anne" he said calling to the woman. "It smells good in here" he added kindly. Where the problem came would be the actual meal...boma steaks. I really am not the person you should have asked he thought to himself. "You know, Anne, Commander Temple probably would love to be trying your steaks."

"He'll get one soon enough," Anne replied as she added the finishing touches to the steak and paella. Then she looked up to the captain, the plate in hand, and just paused there. "Unless you're a vegan?"

Avin sighed "No, not vegan exactly" he replied trying to explain the situation to the woman. "My family was very traditional when I grew up on Earth. The region I was born and raised, historically cows are considered sacred. So, I do not nor will not eat beef. My family follow an ancient Earth religion called Sikhism. There are certain means our meat has to be killed in order to consume the food. Though I personally have walked away from my religious past, I still remain honest to it in my own way."

Anne nodded as she listened. "It may have been a two ton land mammal, but the closest meat on Earth is chicken. And I don't serve food that isn't kosher and slaughtered humanely. I was raised to follow a lot of the same practices. So... do you want it or am I throwing it away?"

The Captain raised his hand and hurried in closer. "No no no, I'll eat it. If you cook it, Anne, I will eat it. There are starving children on Turkana IV that practically pray for a meal like this. I will not let any food unreplicated go to waste aboard my starship" he said somewhat apologetically to her. "If you keep making food like this, I won't have anyone to man the Bridge stations...everyone will be down here eating."

"I don't know about any starving children, but I do enjoy when people enjoy my cooking." Anne replied, setting the plate before him and setting out some real silverware and a tall glass of his favorite tea.

He did indeed enjoy Anne's kindness as well as her culinary skills. Her ability to cook was an asset to crew health and crew morale. There was nothing worse than having to live off of food rations and poorly produced replicator food. Chef Anne Chouvie may have only held the title as Chef and served aboard as the only actual cook the ship had, but she was very much one of the back bones of the Star of India. "You always out do yourself" said Avin. "Time and time again, your kitchen skills...the best in the galaxy, and I'd bet all the latinum I have on that."

"I've seen better, but I will admit that I'm pretty good. You ever need ration packs to taste good, let me know." Anne boasted as she busied herself prepping for the dinner roll.

Avin smiled ever so slightly. "You know that might not be a bad idea" he said looking at her. "Not that we need to rely on ration packs so much, but it wouldn't be a terrible idea to have some that didn't taste so horrible. Could you get to work on that later this week?" asked the Captain.

Anne motioned towards a small chest style preservation unit in the dining area. "I've already got about fifty of them premade and marked with a coor code. Just grab a pack and go. Just remember to toss the trash in the replicators for recycling."

The Captain smiled and shook his head. "You are always several steps ahead of me and the other aboard, Anne. I don't know how you do it, but you never fail to amaze me, and I wouldn't have it any other way" he said. "I would love to stay and enjoy your company some more, but the crew is skeletal for the time being and I have a lot of work ahead of me."


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