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Snap, Crackle, and Pop!

Posted on Fri Oct 7th, 2016 @ 4:27am by Chief Petty Officer Ginifred Klem & Commander Jesse Temple & Lieutenant Raza

Mission: 863
Location: SS Star of India | Cargo bay - (Federation Supply Station)

The Captain had allotted the crew of the SS Star of India a maximum of two hours to take on the cargo and supplies from the Federation Supply Station. It was a smaller Regula class starbase, older and argulably more archaic looking than the Star of India herself. Two hours, however, should have been more than enough time for Lieutenant Raza and Chief Klem to operate the transporters and beam the cargo supplies from the pads on the station over to the pads in Star of India's cargo bays. It had taken about forty five minutes for everything to come aboard.

Then, came a dozen or so minutes using a anti gravity unit to 'wheel' some cargo off the station and onto the SS Star of India. Some things were simply too volatile to attempt use of transporters. It had been a lot manual labor, at least for the 24th century. As they neared the hour thirty mark, Raza and Klem had met up again, crossing paths in one of the cargo bays. It was time for the last of the inventory and safety checks.

The two were side by side as they began walking down the rows of crates, containers, barrels, and boxes. "Now the fun part begins" she teased as she let out a tiresome sigh. The Supply Chief held a large PaDD in hand, over sized for ease of reading. Terllarite's did not have the best sight. A stylist was held in one of her hoofed hands. "Well, there's the duranium and tritanium" she said as she gestured her stylist and began marking it done. "Care to inspect it and confirm it is genuine?" she somewhat teased.

Raza took out his scanner and knelt down next to each container to make sure everything is good, no bombs, no trace tags, nothing to put themselves in danger with. The scan turned up clean and nodded to Gini for the all clear. "Go ahead, Satyr Breath." Raza called out.

Shaking her head and going about her business, she rounded a corner of barrels. "Found the dilithium crystals" she announced. She gave them a quick inspection. "Definitely not grade A quality, but they will make due with them down in Engineering" added the Tellarite. "Looks like the crap we sometimes had to use on the USS Hera" she joked to herself as she remembered sometimes watching that little deviant imp, Ensign Rhett Beaumont who was Chief Engineer of the Hera when she was aboard. She had seen him making use of much worse.

The woman then headed down an area with supplies marked with the distinctive logo of Starfleet Medical. "I'm checking out the medical supplies now" she called out the Raza who had broken off from her a while back and took the other side of the cargo bay. "Oooo" she said intrigued. "Hey, Raza, we took on some of that Bio-mimetic gel. Maybe we can make a clone of you" she teased shaking her head, making sure that it was properly secured in a dormant state. Better slap a warning label on this one she thought as she sat her enlarged PaDD and stylist down. The Tellarite unclipped a tricorder from her belt and ran it over the canisters of gel and marked it with a warning.

"No sir, their is only enough room in this galaxy for one Saurian like me. However, we could make a clone of yourself, maybe even make it better tempered then we can replace you and put your doppleganger in your place, ship would be quieter atleast, Siren." Raza called out jokingly.

"RAZA!" she shouted as she neared the section with supplies set aside for the 'food pantry' down in the Mess Hall. "Get your Amphibious ass over here" she added as she whipped the tricorder of hers once more. "My eye sight might suck, and my hearing isn't superb, but my sense of smell is like a blood hound" she professed. "I smell saffron, sage, other Earth herbs and spices, a few from Cardassia, and one or two from Bajor...but there's something else" she said.

"Are you joking me? its most likely another spice you are smelling. Bloodhound my scale." Raza called out as he headed over to where she was.

She glared at the Saurian. "Shush" she replied. "I'm serious...I smell something. Like really bad ammonia" she explained. "These containers of grains. It smells like it is coming from in them, but my tricorder can't read anything suspicious. Too many alloys and substances in the Cargo bay interrupting my readings" she added. Then came a odd sound that was not the sound wheat, grain, and seed should be making if at all.

"I say call the bomb squad personally. See what they think, worse case scenario, we get an explosive device, best case they get pissed. Because my own tricorder is being disrupted, its possible whatever is inside it, is distorting sensors, Monotanium alloy can do that easily." Raza said calmly as he watched the Goat man freak out.

"That's it" she said shaking her head. "I don't like it, Raza. I'm calling in Security" she said storming off over to the nearest control panel. The Cargo Bay and the rest of the starship soon was dimmed with a yellow illuminating glow as Chief Klem opened the shipwide comm channel. "ALL HANDS NOW HERE THIS, We are under Yellow Alert, I repeat Yellow Alert" she said sternly.

The Tellarite then made the necessary calls although she was sure Grax was undoubtedly already on his way. "Commander Temple to Cargo Bay One, please" she said over the comm channel.

Temple was finishing up afternoon training in his quarters when he saw the warning lights illuminate in yellow. Wearing his Marine Academy singlet and shorts, he had been crunching on the floor to a soundtrack of the loudest, noisest rock songs. At first he thought the Yellow Alert was accidental, or perhaps just a test of the systems.

Curious, he silenced the music and waited, just as Klem made the call for his attention. Jesse cursed loudly and sprang up from the floor. Acting quickly, the Marine grabbed his phaser and comms badge before sprining out to the corridor.

=/\= On my way =/\= He replied.

Temple arrived swiftly; still a sweaty, puffing mess but with phaser drawn and ready to go. As he jogged into the Cargo Bay, he saw the junior officers looking decidedly worried.

"What's the situation?" He asked in a commanding voice.

Klem snorted and threw her arms up in the air in a sigh of frustration. "Unknown, Commander" she said shaking her head. "Lizard lips over here thinks it is nothing, but I smell something off putting from these here containers of grains and spices" explained the Supply Chief. "I swore I heard something in them too. Lizard suggested an explosive device, so we called you immediately."

Temple looked quizzically at the Chief Petty Officer, making a mental note to have a conversation with her regarding racism in the service. But first, he moved cautiously towards the containers, "They've just been loaded from dry dock, which is a secure base. They would have detected something untoward. What do our sensors say?"

"About as much as Ferengi without being offered a substantial bribe" replied the Chief. "We have nothing to go off of, Sir. Too much interference and the containers are composed of alloys that are rather limiting to invasive sensor scans. We can't get much in here at the moment" she added.

The Marine frowned, grabbed his comm badge and placed it onto one of the crates. "Mr Raza, use my badge to beam this crate two hundred kilometers off the starboard side. We'll be able to scan the contents out there and destroy it if need be."

"Yes sir, and dont need to get her into trouble, shes a walking Satyer to begin with." Raza said smirking as he walked over to the console.

Chief Klem approached a work station, powered up the console and had herself a look. "Commander, I'm reading life signs in those containers!" she said in a half snort half shout. "Tiny little life forms...animals maybe?" she added a bit perplexed

Temple gave a curious murmur, "At least it's not a bomb. Whatever they are, we can't very well kill living creatures, but I don't want to risk anything. I suggest we quarantine the cargo bay until we reach the Federation station and can offload our stowaways. Thoughts?"

Klem grunted "The quadrant might be better off if we killed them. If these scans are correct, their bio signs seem to indicate they are Tribbles, Commander" she said with a sigh. "I wonder if Chef Anne could use them to make us a nice meal? Always wanted to bake a Tribble...oh or roast one. Maybe we can stuff an apple in their mouths and have her roast them?" teased the Chief. "We could wait for the station to off load them, but that may delay us even longer with getting to Cestus III. I'd recommend just letting our Tribble contaminated cargo go adrift in space until the station can send out a shuttle to recover them"

"Tribbles!" Jesse groaned, "I think I'd rather a bomb. Especially if they've been chowing down on our grains, they’ll be bustin' out any time now. Okay, I agree we should eject the crates for now. What do you think, Mr Raza?"

"I dont think that would be humane, sir. If we are just going to kill them, lets do it right, sir. A level 16 phaser setting would vaporize the containers and it would be a quick death for them. Klem's suggestion would put her in the brig and then a penal colony for mass murder of a sentient race, sir. After all they do meet the requirements for sentient life." Raza told them.

Jesse nodded and tapped his badge, =/\= Stand down Yellow Alert. =/\=


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