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The Engine Room

Posted on Fri Oct 7th, 2016 @ 4:35am by Chief Petty Officer Ginifred Klem & Commander Jesse Temple

Mission: 863
Location: Engineering

Jesse had never spent much time in the Engineering section of a ship. It was all a little too technical for him, and he was constantly worried about touching the wrong thing and accidentally ejecting the warp core. He knew that was a ridiculous thought but the fear was ever-present in his mind. So when the Marine walked into Engineering to speak with Lieutenant Dakar, his arms were still pulled tightly behind his back.

"Mr Dakar?" He called out, looking around.

Chief Petty Officer Ginny Klem had been many things her life time and in her service to Starfleet. She's been in Ops and in Engineering, she had been an Engineer, a Transporter Chief, and even the Shuttlebay Manager aboard a Nebula class starship. All of this before her new career with the Federation Merchant Marines. One thing she had never been, however, was a Cardassian. She was concealed behind an Engineering console busy at work replacing isolinear chips and lending a hand in Engineering when she heard Temples voice. Ginny let our an squealing snort as she got back up to her feet. "I'm not the Cardassian, but Good morning to you, Commander" she replied jovially.

Then came a woman walking around the room with shoulder length purple hair and an Engineer's jumpsuit on. "Lieutenant Ibrim Dakar is no longer aboard the Star of India" she added simply. "Chief Klem has been down here helping me out. I apologize for coming aboard rather unannounced, but if you check with Captain Singh, you'll see that I have his approval to be here" she explained.

Ginny nodded "And she's good at what she does. Been here less than a day, and she has fixed some of our power supply and power transference issues we've been encountering" commented the Tellarite. "Her hair is absolutely atrocious though. Looks like a bad dye job until I realized she's not human" jested Ginny.

The purple haired woman shot a cold glare at Ginny. "And I thought you were a vertically challenged human with hoofed deformities due to genetic inbreeding. Fortunately, you are just a Tellarite" she added, trading the 'insults' that Tellarites loved. She then looked at Commander Temple. "Lieutenant Dakar is remaining on the station. He's had a personal matter come up and had requested leave of your Captain. I happened to be on the station myself and kindly offered my services to your Captain as a temporary replacement for Mister Dakar."

Jesse was confused and annoyed at the same time, displeased at the bickering between these officers, "Please conduct yourselves with the civility of your positions. Even if this isn't a Starfleet vessel, I expect appropriate behaviour."

Ginny snorted in response and shook her head. Aren't you a good little Starfleet boy she thought privately to herself.

Kenny, however, nodded and replied promptly "Aye, Commander. I will be sure to act appropriately."

"Very well," Temple replied with a sigh, "I'm sad to see Mr Dakar leave us so suddenly but glad to see we have a capable replacement. If you don't mind, I would like to see how we're holding up after launching the ship."

The purple haired Warrant Officer gestured around the small room that was comprised of a hulking warp core that took up about 70% of the room and two working consoles. "I'd give you the grand tour of Engineering, Sir, but there isn't anything grand about it. Aside from a few gremlins in the systems and our power issues, the Warp Core is operating well within normal parameters."

Jesse looked around, and the officer sure wasn't wrong about how compact their Engineering room was here. He was noting everything down on his PADD for his report to the Captain. "I see. Tell me about the gremlins and power issues. It's not every day they launch a ship like this, I want to be methodical in our recording of how she's fairing."

Kenny scoffed "That's for sure. I was surprised to see an Oberth arriving at the supply station. You do not see them around in service anymore, especially not one in this good of shape. Then I came aboard...she looks better on the outside and from afar after a few glasses of wine" she said. "Response times aren't as rapid as they should be. You try to reroute reserve power to any of the Bridge stations which should be instantaneous...I've found about a five to seven second delay."

"That could make a big difference in an emergency," Jesse replied, "Is that what you've been working on, Officer Klem?"

Ginny snorted "Chief will be just fine, Commander. Officer sounds...awkward" she replied. "But yes, I have. I have training with Starfeet's Corps of Engineers and had been a Transporter Chief before leaving Starfleet. If there's a power problem, this Tellarite will find it and fix it" she said.

"We still have some time before we get to the Federation station," Temple shrugged, "We can contact their maintenance team and see if they can help us out? I know we've got to wing it out here, but I don't like flyin' into the dark with a taillight out."

Ginny nearly hissed with her snort. "Nobody is touching these systems but us" she said with a wink. "I'm very picky about things. I don't want to be flying into the dark without whatever you said either, but I can get it fixed on time. If I don't you can roast me for our next big crew meal" she said with a promise.

The purple haired woman was in an agreement. "I trust her word, Commander. The two of us will have everything sorted. By all means, walk around and watch us work if you want, but the Chief and I need to get back to work."


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