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Breakfast of Champions

Posted on Sun Oct 30th, 2016 @ 6:02am by Commander Jesse Temple & Lucian Jax & Anne Chouvie

Mission: 863
Location: Mess Hall

Having completed his usual morning routines, Jesse Temple hurried into the Mess Hall for a late breakfast. There was nothing he enjoyed more than a big meal after a busy morning, as he allowed himself to be undisciplined for a change.

He walked over to the window and said a cheerio to Chef Anne, "Morning, ma'am, how's the kitchen today?"

The kitchen, currently partially engulfed in flames, seemed to be under control at least. Anne looked up from the two foot high flames coming from her fire roaster and nodded to Jesse. "Trying some new dish I got from a Klingon contact. With our ingredients, of course. Interested in trying some when it's done?" Just then, her timer went off with a ring and she clicked the fire off and lowered the apparent force field she had around it. It then revealed a tall sealed canister that had been rotating in the fire.

Grabbing gladhandles, she moved the canister off to the side and cracked it open to reveal an amazingly well done dish full of squid, rice, and other unidentifiable meats. It also filled the room with a spicy aroma that could burn the nose hairs off a Gorn.

Temple cracked his neck and looked at the canister. "I was looking for grits and eggs but this smells delicious. You do amazing work, Chef, I'd love to try some."

"Then you shall have some," Anne said as she spooned up a pair of bowls of the goulash style mixture. She set one bowl and a plate of toasted breads in front of Jesse and set the other at a spot next to him. "Juice machine is acting up so you'll have to use the replicator for a drink." She then left the kitchen and plopped down at the bar with him.

Giving an appreciative nod, Jesse sauntered over to the replicator and whizzed himself up a large pint of apple juice before heading back to the bar and sitting down.

"Have you met much of the other crew?" He asked, carefully combing through the meal with his fork. He stabbed at a piece of squid and popped it quickly into his awaiting mouth.

"Met? technically not, but I've fed a lot of them. Most seem to prefer replicated food though. How about you?" Anne replied before taking a bite of her own food.

The doors to the room opened and a man walked through, his jacket zipped half-way up and the hood pulled up on his head. He took a seat at the bar, "One order," he said in the direction of the chef.

"Order of... Raisin Bran? Or the morning's special?" Anne asked as she stood and headed back behind the bar and served up a plate of the morning's breakfast special for Jax.

"Mr Jax!" Jesse smiled at the new arrival. "Thank you for your flight expertise this morning. Have you ever piloted a ship like this out of dry dock?"

Lucian sat there for a few moments in silence as a plate of food was set in front of him. He slowly looked over at the man who was sitting just few seats away, "Dude, I just want to have sex with you. If you're not interested, then stop talking to me. You're way too chipper," he said, really feeling how tired he was. If there was one thing he didn't like, it was missing sleep. And being required to be on the Bridge overnight was a surefire way to make the Trill unhappy.

Jesse let out a raucous laugh, it was the only thing he could really think to do. The pilot had no verbal filter, no sense of authority, and didn't seem to care about having either. Jesse was a little embarassed at being propositioned so openly, especially in front of Anne, but hoped the laugh would pass that off.

"I'd prefer to be chipper than the alternative any day of the week," The Commander finally spoke. "Seeing as I have you both here, anyone care to confirm the rumours on how you, Anne, along with the Captain, managed to recruit Lucian here?"

"Gods, you're still talking about that?" Lucian asked, rolling his eyes as he took a bite of food. He grimaced for a moment before putting his fork down and pushing the plate away from him. "It happened, we're here, let it go."

"I just happen to like hearing about how Ms Chouvie here managed to bring a big guy like you down," Jesse replied with a laugh. "But I guess I have to get used to working outside the Federation rules. Forgive me if it takes time to catch up with y'all, I hope I can rely on you both to let me know when I'm being a Star Fleet tool."

"You're a Starfleet Tool," Anne replied instantly as she sat back down to her breakfast and shoveled a bite into her mouth. "Lucian, if the seafood in it isn't to your taste, the replicator can convert it to chicken for you if that would be better. Just use setting 33479. Or I can fix something else for you."

Lucian picked up the tray and walked to the replicator, shoving it into the slot and pressing the controls. "I have to agree, you're a Starfleet tool. Just relax, dude."

Jesse laughed, "Well I walked into that one. In the interest of relaxing, I think it would be fun for the crew to have a regular hang out night? Drinks, cards, whatever. Anyone's invited?"

"Count me out," Lucian said as he returned to the bar with something completely different to eat.

"Can't please everyone. Sounds like a good idea, though I suppose I'll have to do extra cooking for it." Anne commented before taking another bite.

Jesse gave a frown to Lucian for his lack of enthusiasm. To be fair, the Helmsman had made it quite clear what kind of evening he was interested in, but that wasn't exactly the team-building exercise Jesse had in mind.

But he was, once again, thankful for Chef Anne. He gave her a warm smile as he finished his meal and stood up from the bar.

"Oh you wouldn't have to do anything," Jesse spoke, "I'll organise snacks and finger food. I want you to relax and enjoy your off-duty time. And the invitation is always open, Lucian, should you change your mind."

"I can at least help out with that. I've got a stash of popping corn hidden away that might come in handy." Anne replied before finishing her own breakfast.

The Commander placed his dishes in the sonic washer, and thanked the Chef, "Once again, Anne, you have blown me away with your food. I really appreciate it. So I'll let you both know when I've made arrangements for our night off."

Anne just waved her hand as she tossed her own dishes in the cleaner. Compliments like that could make her blush and she tried to remain aloof when she was given them.

Lucian sat there for a moment, looking at the doors the Commander had just walked through. He wanted him, and this game of cat and mouse was becoming extremely annoying, and he was becoming extremely impatient. He turned back to his food and ate in silence.



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