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Fun With Phasers

Posted on Tue Oct 11th, 2016 @ 8:56am by Lieutenant Nal Rehu MD & Commander Jesse Temple
Edited on on Tue Oct 18th, 2016 @ 7:14pm

Mission: 863
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: Morning

Jesse stood in one of the Star of India's small holodecks, running a basic Phaser Training program, as he often liked to do. He was in a white room, standing at a weapon's station, with a range of targets appearing in a field in front of him. It was an old default program on the Oberth's system, so the holographic baddies were a variety of anachronistic Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, and even a hilariously out-of-date depiction of a Ferengi.

"Computer, start next level." He ordered and she acknowledged cheerily.

Temple focused his vision on the targets that materialised before him. He let out a slow breath before swiftly pulling the trigger on his Squad Rifle; his arm dancing left to right as he connected sharply with each hologram and they derezzed into particles with every successful hit. Very quickly, the round was complete, so the Marine lowered the rifle again and moved to a nearby LCARS screen to check his score. He was pleased to see several kill shots, sitting around eighty-percent on target. But he was off on a few, only managing a critical but non-lethal hit. Jesse didn't accept being off by one, let alone a few. He would have to work harder until he got the one-hundred-percent he expected from himself.

Nal Rehu felt determined. He felt determined to prove to the safety officer just how capable he was with a weapon. Instead of coming to him personally, the Saurian went to the captain instead. That irked Nal to no end, but the by product of that was he didn't trust the safety officer now. What Lieutenant Raza failed to realize was that Nal's own training before the Merchant Marines far outweighed any namby pamby training the Merch services ever taught. If this would have been a Romulan ship, Raza would have been killed without even anyone batting an eyelash. Raza was lucky he wasn't on a Romulan vessel.

Entering the very small holodeck, Nal had seen that it was already occupied by the XO, Commander Temple.

Jesse raised his phaser rifle back onto his shoulder and called for the program to start again. However, just as the first hologram appeared before him, the Holodeck doors opened and safety protocols kicked in, freezing the program immediately. Temple turned to see the Doctor had entered.

"Morning, Lieutenant," Jesse gave a beaming smile. "Here for a bit of a shoot out?"

Nal tipped his head in greeting. "Good morning, Commander, and as a matter of fact I am," he replied.

The Marine looked back to see the program had unfortunately frozen on a rather-cartoonishly evil looking Romulan hologram. Jesse gave an embarrassed laugh, "I'm sorry, it's an old system."

Nal moved closer to where the commander stood, and there right before him was a rather... antiquated looking Romulan. Nal's left eyebrow lifted at that. He had to admit, his own people went through a period of history where uniforms were colorful, and helmets were worn, but that had changed. He had recalled Starfleet's blunders with uniforms throughout the years... it seemed every species had gone through a fashion faux pau phase. "Well, in humans defense, Romulans were not widely seen, all Earth knew was we were the enemy." He smiled at the commander. "No worries," he aimed his weapon at the Romulan hologram and made a 'pew pew' noise.

The Marine moved over to the LCARS panel again and tapped away until he found a newer program. He quickly made sure to delete any Romulan representatives from the targets, giving a raised eyebrow to the Doctor as he did.

Turning back to Lieutenant Rehu, Jesse gave a smile, "I've just been sharpening up for the phaser training," He broached the subject, knowing it would be a point of contention, but feeling it necessary to discuss. "Even the Captain and myself will be participating."

Really? Seriously? Nal resisted the urge to roll his eyes, it seriously took all his will power to not only roll his eyes, but turn on his heel and leave the holodeck. Why is everyone bowing down to the Fvadt! Saurian, he thought to himself. Why not see how people would do first before making them do this hhakh training. "I'm just here to shoot things." This time he smiled, but it was more of a 'watch your back' type of smile.

Temple raised an eyebrow again, sensing the tone in the Doctor's voice. He gave a shrug and turned to the panel to start the next program. Before he did, Jesse increased the difficulty and speed, deciding to test the Romulan for himself.

Jesse placed a phaser on the ground and kicked it across the concrete floor to slide about five metres away from Rehu. The Marine quickly slapped the LCARS screen to start the program.

"Then shoot." He said with a smile.

Nal crouched down to pick up the phaser, he toggled it to the 'kill' setting and nodded to the commander to start the program. Several aliens shimmered into life, and Nal stretched out his arm and pressed the firing button. He took the first then the second, and then the third out in rapid succession. He crouched, moved quickly, and took out two more. He moved toward a small workstation, and fired his phaser, he plucked off one, and then another, and then another, and then one more. The computer beeped, and multiple beings came to life again. Nal moved about the holodeck picking off one by one all while not even breaking a sweat. Another round came, and Nal took down another round of beings. Then the computer beeped and the program ended. He looked to Commander Temple and brought the phaser up and he blew at the business end as if there was smoke. He then twirled the phaser in his hand and tossed it toward the XO. "And there you have it..."

Jesse looked on with a pleased smile. "All targets hit. That was very good, Mister Rehu..." His smile darkened. "...For a warm up."

With a press of a button the holodeck changed dramatically around them. The blank white room morphed into a smoke-filled corridor; the lights flickered, a Red Alert klaxon whined hazily in the background. There was a faint "Evacuate" call over the tannoy. It was the worst nightmare for most officers.

Jesse had disappeared, hidden amongst the chaos, but his voice sounded out to the Doctor. "The ship has been boarded by an enemy force. You are the last man standing, you must find your way to rescue me before the enemy finds you. Only kill shots will stop them."

"Hmm okay mister damsel in distress," Nal said then smirked. This felt more like a silly horror movie than an actual issue, but his military training took over and the thought of a silly horror movie had fled his mind. He checked his phaser, and it was still on kill.

Around the corridors there came the familiar sound of heavy, clunking footsteps - the monotonous, mechanical noise of a robotic army. They were hunting the Doctor in their methodical, unceasing manner, and sensing his present they called out to him.

In one voice they droned, "Resistance is futile."

Really? The Borg? Nal thought to himself. "That's what you think!" he snarled as he readied himself. He had never personally encountered the Borg, but the Romulans had extensive information in their databases concerning the wretched creatures. There had been training at the military academy concerning the Borg, so he knew what he needed to do. However, it was him against them, and the odds were not in his favor. Just like most, he had the urge to fire his phaser but knew that would be suicide, he needed to save the shots.

The one advantage Nal had over most species, was his strength. Just like Vulcans, Romulans possessed superior strength despite their lith frames. The first Borg had approached, the half man, half machine was short and stocky. It didn't take much to get around it, and take it down with a pull of some tubes. The Borg fell to the deck with a hard thud. One down, half a dozen more to go.

Nal moved quickly, he popped off one shot to distract one of them, and it was enough for him to break the Borg's neck. He took another one out, but now he was breathing heavy, his muscles were tiring. He blinked some sweat from his eyes as he moved forward. However, one grabbed him from behind and put him in a choke hold. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the tubules come down toward him. He struggled, but was tired. He swallowed hard, grunted, and then elbowed the drone. It was just enough to loosen the grip on his throat, and Nal raised his phaser, pressed it under the drone's chin and fired. The Borg fell.

That was four down, and the drones kept coming.

Continuing to move forward, Nal dodged one of the drones but was confronted with one that looked to be a former Romulan. This was going to be tough. The drone lunged at him, and Nal just barely dodged the blow. The second go around, he hadn't been so lucky and the saw like appendage caught him in the arm. He cried out, even with the safeties on he still felt the pain. The pain was very real. Green tinted blood soaked his sleeve and dripped down his arm. However, he fought through the pain, and fought the drone with all his might. Took the phaser, and shot the thing in the belly, and he almost breathed a sigh of relief that the particle beam didn't get absorbed by an energy shield. The shot was enough to help, but it didn't deter the drone for long. Nal felt a hand grip his throat and begin to squeeze. "No... no... no..." he managed to squeak out as he tried to pull the cold fingers from his throat. He kicked his legs and his foot came in contact with the drone's knee. The drone's grip loosened and Nal broke free. With a war cry he ran toward the drone and tackled it to the deck. The drone swung at him, catching him on the cheek, and then his side. The pain, once again felt real, but Nal continued. He finally pulled at some tubes, and the drone shook below him. Nal gripped the drone's throat and squeezed as hard as he could. He felt the windpipe break under his grip, the resounding pop was a satisfying one. In one final act, he twisted the Romulan drone's head and there was a snap of the neck.

Breathing hard now, Nal pulled himself up. He swallowed hard and looked at the dead drone. He snarled and moved forward down the curved corridor. He found the commander standing there. He managed to smile as he held up the phaser. "I didn't really need this."

Temple could only breathe out an impressed sigh, though he coughed a little from all the fake smoke around. "Well that was certainly efficient. We have never seen a Doctor do anything like that before." He wiped away a bead of sweat, realizing he'd gotten quite excited to watch the Doctor work. "We are impressed."

"Where I come from doctor's are military soldiers first, doctors second," Nal huffed. His breathing began to normalize, but his heart was still beating fast. But, something struck him as odd, and a dark brown eyebrow arched. We?

Temple tried to smile but ended up coughing again, trying to wave away the smoke. "We will have to speak with Lieutenant Raza about your training. We will have great use for you amongst us... On the ship, we mean."

"Well that's good to know," Nal replied. He had noticed the commander was coughing more and more, he knew the holographic smoke was bad, but it shouldn't have been that bad. "Anything else? Are we done here?"

Jesse leaned against the wall, giving a small groan. "For now, you should probably get some res...." he coughed. "You should res.... Res... Res... "

Finally he doubled over onto the floor, a holographic Borg eye piece materialised onto his face. "Res... is... stance... is futile..."

The final test for Mr Rehu. Of course the Borg weren't known for leaving survivors. Now, as his Commander transformed before his eyes into their nemesis, the Doctor had to quickly shoot or face assimilation himself.

Nal backed up a couple of steps, he was annoyed, and frustrated, and he was tired. He just wanted a hot shower now and get to his duty station. "Sorry, Commander, it's either me or you." With that said, Nal raised the phaser quickly and popped off a shot at point blank range. "And I choose me."

As Temple fell backwards, the simulation finished and the room morphed back to it's blank, white interior. No more smokey corridor, no more Borg. All was well that ended well. Feeling the warm tingles of a holographic phaser hit to his chest, Jesse gave a loud, chuckling laugh on the ground.

"Oh man, you are one tough S.O.B!" Jesse exclaimed. With a kick of his legs, he did a back-spring up onto his feet again, then reached out to give Doctor Rehu a firm handshake. "I am very glad to have you on board, sir. Sorry if that was not what you were wanting to do here today, but I hope you got to let off some steam nonetheless."

Nal nodded and smirked. "It was certainly unexpected, but it certainly was a good workout." Truth was, it did blow off some steam, he hand been so wound up since his encounter with the safety officer. He obviously just proved himself. He figured Commander Temple would surely explain this to Raza, at least that was his hope. He watched the commander jump up, and was impressed with the other man's athleticism. The handshake was firm, it was a good man's handshake. He dragged his hand over his forehead to gather the sweat. "I think a shower is in order."

"Well you go get that shower, Doctor," Jesse smiled, putting a warm hand on his shoulder. "I believe we're both on Bridge duty tonight but I owe you a drink. A big one."

Chuckling, Nal nodded. "I'll hold you to that drink," he said. "Thanks for the work out, sir. I'll see you when duty calls." He handed the other man the phaser, and offered a smile to the other man and then made his way to the exit of the small holodeck. He felt much better now, he felt much more secure in his position, and that fact he had just proved himself boosted his self-esteem. It proved his training wasn't in vain, it proved that all that time in the Romulan military wasn't for naught. He gave a quick wave to Temple, and than entered the corridor to head back to his quarters.



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