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Ship out of the Bottle

Posted on Fri Sep 30th, 2016 @ 8:32am by Captain Avin Singh & Commander Jesse Temple & Lieutenant Raza & Lieutenant Nal Rehu MD & Lucian Jax & Grax

Mission: 863
Location: SS Star of India | Deck 1 | Bridge

At long last the time had finally come. The SS Star of India had received confirmation that she was clear to take off albeit still a little underhand and short staffed, but Avin would see to that another day at another port station or starbase. His crew would have to buckle down and be united if they were going to survive their voyages ahead. Like everything else on the Oberth class starship, the Bridge of the SS Star of India was.... compact to put it kindly. She was small, damn small. In a way it was like being on an old Constitution class yet with more contemporary technology albeit still a bit dated by appearance. There were several stations about the Bridge, aside from the Captain's chair, four stations were 'fixed' meaning they had seats, two others (Engineering and Science) were mostly transient in nature. It was clear that Engineering had been deemed not very needed on the Bridge and the Science set up was clearly for when the starship had been converted from scientific based to cargo.

There was a communications station though. One that was certainly not necessary per se. Captain Avin Sign had walked onto the Bridge with several crew following closely behind him (Science, Security, Safety, and Engineering) as Commander Temple was in the Captain's chair on the Bridge with Lucian Jax right at home in the helmsmen's seat. Avin looked around the Bridge, all the circuitry and wiring was finally back into place and all the panels were in place.

"Stations, gentlemen" said Avin gesturing for them all to have a seat or stand at their work stations. "Doctor Rehu, have a seat at the communications stations. You should be able to access what you need from there. If not... well the plus side is you only have to walk a few steps to the science station" commented Avin shaking his head slightly.

Nal nodded, and then followed that up with an, "Aye sir." He took the seat that was at the 'communications' station. It was sort of a ridiculous station to have since most communications routed through operations or tactical these days. He tapped at the console to do some rerouting so he could at least gather continual sensor data.

As soon as Avin was close, he noticed Jesse was about to budge and surrender the Captain's seat. Avin came up from behind the chair and firmly pressed down on the man's left shoulder. "At ease in the chair. You have command of the Bridge until further notice. I want you giving the commands to take us out of here" said Avin crisply. "I haven't overseen a departure from dry dock or shipyards. You have more experience in that regard" confessed the Captain.

Jesse gave a nod with a smile creeping across his bearded lips, this becoming a very proud day for him. He looked back to the LCARS screen on the chair's armrest. "Aye, Captain, as you wish. Stations are reporting in as we speak, I'll make the call."

The Marine tapped on his screen for a ship wide announcement, the tannoy whistled cheerily throughout the Star of India, =/\= All Xavier Shipyard crew please return to base. All hands prepare for departure. =/\=

"Ibrim," Captain Singh called out to his Engineer who had taking position at the Engineering station. "I want that Communications station properly converted and functional as a science station before the day is done" instructed the Captain. "For now, make sure nothing breaks when we start to disembark from the shipyards. I don't want a nacelle breaking off" Avin teased grimly.

Looking at the Reman on his Bridge who had now found his seat at tactical, Avin smiled. Reman on the Bridge of a Federation starship. "Grax look pretty and remember Federation good, other things are potentially bad. Don't shoot anything with a Federation warp or power signature" Avin said as he made his way around the Bridge.

"We do not have an Operations Officer or Ops Chief at this time. Until further notice, I want you at Ops, Lieutenant Raza" ordered the Captain.

"Yes sir." He said grinning as he took operations station.

And then came the helmsmen. "I guess we shall see if I paid a fair price for your skills and talents, Mr. Jax or if you sold me a lemon."

Lucian rolled his eyes without replying to the statement.

Temple's chair beeped again and he announced to the Bridge, "Shipyard crew have departed, all stations are prepared for launch." He tapped and looked around the small but bustling Bridge. This was a big moment for this new crew. "Docking clamps are released on three.... two... one."

There was a slight drop as the Star of India was released from dry dock, now flying by it's own steam for the first time in decades. Jesse looked to the Helmsman, "Mr Jax, you may take us out of dock. Quarter impulse."

Pressing the buttons on his console, Lucian set the ship in a forward motion.

Taps on the console as Grax smirks a bit, those last security checks of the base were not required in his taste. But he was okay with the fact that these people were just doing their jobs "Security teams have checked in and weapon systems look good"

Temple smiled to Mr Grax, acknowledging his response. "Thank you, sir. Hopefully we won't need them just yet."

The Star of India sailed gently away from the dry-dock and into the yawning darkness of space. Her destination was not far this time, but the resurrection of this magnificent, old bird was significant for all who called her home. This flight, the first in a new life for the Oberth vessel, was a momentous occasion. She was not perfect, she was not top of the fleet, but she was theirs to navigate through a new world of adventure.

Once clear from the dock, Temple released a breath he hadn't realised he'd been holding. "Mr Jax, set a course for the Federation Station, warp six if you please."

The Marine looked to the Captain and smiled, "And away we go."

Captain Singh nodded "Onward to the station to pick up our cargo" he commented. "I will be checking in on some things around the ship, Commander Temple. Keep me apprised of any changes" he added before disembarking from the Bridge.


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