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Meeting the Captain

Posted on Fri Sep 16th, 2016 @ 4:14am by Captain Avin Singh & Lieutenant Raza

Mission: 863
Location: SS Star of India

Raza left the lounge a bit perplexed as to the confrontation with the Doctor, he couldnt figure out why the Doctor was so resistant to his ideas. 'Maybe he has control issues or have a thing against Saurians, maybe racist?' he thought to himself in quick succession trying to figure out the possibilities for his hostilities towards himself, but then the meeting didnt end in bloodshed like most engagements with Romulans end up so perhaps that a bonus. He continued to walk around the ship trying to figure out the best way to confront the Captain about this, a man he never met and this could be a horrible first impression to meet the Captain with a sudden issue with a crewmen, the Doctor none the less.

Captain Avininder Singh had been checking out some of the rooms aboard the SS Star Of India when he came walking down the same corridor as Lieutenant Raza, a man he knew only from the personnel file that had come across his desk, but he had not had the opportunity to properly meet the man yet. And properly he was not about to. Turning a corner and being distracted by the book in his hands and he 'cracked' it open with glee, the Captain came crashing into the Saurian and ended up stumbling backwards loosing his balance and taking an embarrassing fall onto his ass.

Not realizing who he had bumped into or what, the Captain quickly scrambled to his feet after snatching the book from the deck floor around him. Standing back upright, he found himself nearly face to face with the Saurian. "Ah my apologies Lieutenant...Raza, correct?" asked the Captain as he mentally grasped for the name to come to him. "I should have been paying a little more attention where I was going" explained the Captain.

"Oh, oh, umm, Hi sir." Raza said a bit shocked as to who he ran into. "I think I was looking for you, or Commander Temple. I know we just met and I would hate to make a horrible first impression on my first meeting with you, so far all your crew I have met has been a pleasant experience until recently. I have a personnel issue and lack of discipline to bring to your attention of your Doctor. He believes because he received, Merchant marine training in weapons, and Romulan training with weapons, he is above a refresher course, His lack of discipline will filter down to the rest of the crew and cause dissention in the ranks and cause chaos in the event of an actual emergency. I know I'm new aboard but if he fights me on simple procedure, how will he react to others or to yourself. He agrees to assist in the medical part of this new procedure I'm setting up for all crew but unless he takes all the courses, he is useless to me." Raza said most likely making a horrible impression.

The Captain took this information slowly as the Saurian he had bumped into, his starship's Safety Officer definitely was a talker. However, before the Captain could answer, his mouth just ajar, the Saurian added more. This caused Avin to just close his mouth and wait as well as listen.

"I am sorry, Captain, I have never met a Romulan before and I don't know if hes challenging me or not, we are both the same rank so I cant order him to do anything and I believe he only takes orders from you which is a problem in the event of an actual emergency. I am not sure if its his ego, or if he is racist towards everyone, but in the event your not around, and I am, how am I to trust he will follow the orders of his superiors in a situation that he may know nothing about. So far he is the only one fighting me on these procedures I wish to implement, I have a recording of my meeting between Grax, the Doctor and myself. Personally I liked Grax, but the Doctor believes my new procedures are overkill which I know they may be but its a bit presumptuous to believe my procedures account for every emergency scenarios which they do not. But it will lower the chances of people dying in the event of an evacuation and increase survival chances by at least 10% in a hostile environment. I am just trying to do my job sir, the doctor is making that a challenge to say the least, in a position I take quite seriously." Raza said hating to bring this to his attention like this.

"I would talk to the XO as he deals with this sort of thing but he made it quite clear that he would only take orders from you and as I said before, that will get people killed and do the opposite of his so called oath he took as a Medical Chief. 'Do no harm'." Raza said as he blurted things out at a rapid pace as he wished to get his say, he stood there quietly as he looked at the Captain and thought 'Why couldn't the CMO be a Saurian.'

Avin, contempt with his determination that the Saurian was finished, proceeded to discuss the matter. "Normally, I would run all personnel matters to Commander Temple. However, we are here now and you've briefed me on the situation so I take what you had to say and deal with it accordingly" replied the Captain diplomatically. "I respect and admire your seriousness and commitment to your position, Lieutenant Raza. You are quite correct that everyone aboard, myself included should receive the necessary refresher training on weapons. So, I will personally speak with the Doctor when I have the opportunity to" said Avin with a nod.

"A Romulan he is, but an officer of the Merchant Marines he is as well. Though we must remember that we are civilians in the eyes of the Federation unless a war is declared or localized conflict is determined that calls upon us as Auxiliary to Starfleet. We move cargo, Lieutenant. Sometimes we ferry around equipment and personnel, but above all else our missions will involve cargo" said Avin with a small pleasant smile. "The Doctor is a physician and a scientist, a man dedicated to studying life and preserving it. I am sure deep down he has some respect for you and what you are doing. As for his taking orders directly from and only from me, I'm flattered by it of course, but I will discuss it with him along with the training.

Avin reached out and placed a hand on the Saurian's shoulder, looking him squarely in the eyes. "You do your job and focus on the rest of the crew. Leave the Doctor up to Commander Temple and myself. You are doing a good job, Lieutenant" added the Captain with some encouragement.

Raza was a bit flabbergasted that the Captain seemed to genuinely take me serious which gave him some reassurances to say the least. "Thank you, sir. Glad you understood me. I talk quickly when speed is required, it cuts down on time and I have a higher chance of people getting the important bits of the conversation and less of the useless stuff but then sometimes the useless stuff reinforces the important stuff for proper understanding. Ill work on it, sir." Raza said grinning the best he could. "Grax, will be working with the crew on the phaser rifles and the marine rifles temple brought onboard, ill be working on the type one and two phasers for everyone else. I would also like your permission to run medical triage and security drills in the event we are boarded, so everyone knows where to go and what to do. Grax, has graciously agreed to help with this if I understood him correctly. Though, until the holo emitters throughout the ship gets repaired ill limit my training to the holodeck for the time being." Raza said trying to speak more slowly.

Taking in all that information and processing as much as he could in his state in between some good caffeine, Captain Avin Singh nodded as much as he could between the bits of information presented to him. "It all sounds fine, Lieutenant. I am sure the crew will learn to use the rifles just fine. Just remind Grax to be patient with the crew. Not all of them have Starfleet training and some of us definitely do not have much in the way of combat training, myself included" admitted Avin. "I was in Starfleet, but I was a Science Officer. Aside from basic training on type II phasers, I did not touch anything more powerful" he said shaking his head. "And I am not a fan of weapons myself. But we do need to be prepared."

"If you dont like use of phasers, I could teach you hand to hand combat if that is more comfortable and techniques to get close. But anyways, you have more pressing matters to attend too, I am sure." He said smiling. "Thats all I needed to tell you about. Have a good day sir and I hope our next meeting will be less formal and more casual." he said trying to slow down but failing a little bit.

"I said I wasn't a fan, not inept" replied the Captain with a small nod. "You have a good day, Lieutenant. I am sure we will be seeing each other soon... not really much room for a Commanding Officer to hide on an Oberth."


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