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Unconventional Meeting

Posted on Fri Oct 7th, 2016 @ 4:21am by Captain Avin Singh & Lieutenant Nal Rehu MD

Mission: 863
Location: SS Star of India | Ready Room


The doors parted to reveal a darkened, powered down bridge. It had been a strange sight, but considering the SS Star of India had still been docked, a powered down bridge made sense. Doctor Nal Rehu stepped onto the darkened bridge, and found it not as spacious as he had imagined. There had been a few spotlights that cast it's bright, white light onto some of the bridge, but his superior eyesight could see just how small the area was. In all honesty, he hadn't expected anything less, though he didn't have expectations either way. He was about to turn and go back into the lift when the sound of thumping had caught his attention. It was a beat, musical in nature, a four four time in rhythm. Curious now, he moved away from the lift, and followed the beat to the ready room. The ready room door was open, and there, dancing around singing into a banana was the Captain.

Nal smiled, and almost laughed at what he was seeing. He stood there, hands folded at the small of his back, framed by the door portal. He stood there, waiting to see if the other man would notice his presence.

Avin had left the doors to his Ready Room opened as to not suffocate himself in the intoxicating scent of the white sage and honey sickle incense he was burning in his quarters, the sweet scent spreading out in his Ready Room and dispersing outward onto the vacant Bridge. The four four rhythm music having transitioned, changing into the music and songs of Avin's ancestors. String and wind instruments playing off one another as Avin bellowed from his soul, his heart's lament echoing about in a sing-songy tone as he swept and swooped about in his Ready Room with a warm smile on his face as he sang into the banana he held in his right hand.

The Captain was not expecting anyone on the Bridge for another couple of hours. They were still docked into place at the Fleet Yards and would not be released to leave for another hour and half at the earliest. He had 'ordered' or at least recommended that to most of the crew that they got some sleep before disembarking. A crew of twenty something was only as good as the sleep they got. It was true that a lot of the Star of India could be automated and cut down to an operational skeletal crew of five if need ever be, but Avin hoped to keep his crew count in a nice cushioned area.

When Avin did finally catch a glimpse of the Romulan standing there framed in the open doorway, Avin stopped singing and dancing. He gently placed the banana down and looked at the Chief Medical and Science Officer. "It's called Dekha Na Dekhay" said Avin as he called for the computer to lower the music volume to a more reasonable level. "And you would be Doctor Nal Rehu" added the Captain gesturing for the man to come in. Avininder observed at the smoke moved about the room from the incense sticks burning off in the corner of his Ready Room "Don't tell the Safety Officer I had fire suppression systems temporarily deactivated on this deck."

"Your secret is safe with me," Nal replied. He took a few steps forward, the smell of the incense tickled his nostrils and he sneezed. He sniffled and didn't say anything for a second in case another sneeze came on. When it didn't, he continued, "Sorry about that, but yes, I'm Doctor Nal Rehu and I have to say I have never heard music like that before." Over the past five years, he had heard various types of music but nothing quite like what he just heard.

Avin smiled ever so slightly, somewhat embarrassed by being caught dancing and singing around his Ready Room. "It is music from Earth, my home actually. I'm sure Romulus had various forms of music and different sounds depending where one was geographically" said the Captain. "In my case, the music I was playing was from a place on Earth known as India. The music is from a particular region of India where I was born and raised."

Had. There was that word again. Had. There were a lot of 'hads' when it came to the Romulans and Romulus. However, there was a time and place for these thoughts, so Nal pushed those thoughts away. He nodded. "There was music, sure," Nal answered simply. At that, he sneezed again. "Excuse me, sorry about that."

"No apologies are necessary" replied the Captain as he went to extinguish the smoking incense sticks that had been producing what he found to be a delightful aroma, but apparently not something a Romulan nose enjoyed. "I should apologies to you for leaving the door open and lighting these. I guess they don't necessarily agree with everyone" said the Captain. "So...." began Avin as he searched for a way to bring it up. "You were a little reluctant to go through the Safety and Weapons training" added the Captain with a hesitance in his tone.

Nal shook his head at that. "No, not reluctant," he corrected. "I simply pointed out that our new safety officer was going overboard on what he wanted to do. I fully advocate safety and weapons training, but it has to be more reasonable as well." What he didn't say was that he thought it was unreasonable to expect those who had been doing this for a long time to go through something they had already been through multiple times. Plus, he thought it was overkill on a very massive scale. "I'll gladly shoot a target for the lieutenant, and participate in a drill but he has to take into account that not everyone can drop everything on his whim."

Avin crossed his arms and looked at the Romulan. "Look, I understand. I have been doing this for a while too. Well, having been in Starfleet" said the Captain. "Not going to expect you to drop everything on a whim, but I do want everyone even myself to go through a basic refresher. I know that the Lieutenant is...essentric?" said Avin seeking an appropriate description. "Regardless, if you'd rather just go through some basic refresher with Grax, that's fine. I am going to go through some training myself. Actually, to be completely honest with you, I've never touched a phaser riffle" added Avin.

"Fine." Nal replied simply in a tone that was deadpan. Because the Saurian snitched, he would never trust the lieutenant. In fact, the next port, Nal already knew he would be disembarking and requesting a different assignment. "One weapon is like all the others, you aim and shoot."

The Captain shook his head and let out a frustrated sigh. "Perhaps not quite that easy, but I know what you mean, Doctor" said Avin. He thought about everything he had seen over the years. "Sometimes, they find their way into the hands of children. Other times in the hands of madmen. Personally, I'd prefer to strip people of phasers and disruptors and arm them with the knowlede and power of a good book."

Nal couldn't get totally on board with what the captain was saying. He understood it, he did, but in a galaxy full of hate and intolerance, that just seemed to... optimistic maybe? There was just too much tyranny, devastation, and corruption to that. However... "I agree, as a doctor it would be nice not to have to fix up broken bodies due to the damages of a weapon." But..."Weapons, unfortunately are a necessary evil that we must all deal with whether we like them or not, or agree with their use or not. It's just what it is..." The little bit of Earth history that he knew; it seemed humans were rife with these types of problems. Weapons had been a large part of the culture, and heaven forbid if those weapons were regulated or gasp taken away. But, how could he say Romulans were more enlightened? Earth got past social issues, there were some social issues Romulans would never get past. But, did that matter now? Romulus was gone, would people still cling to the old ways?

Avin smiled and walked over towards Nal. "Doctor, evil and I have tangled before. We have been as intimate as can be. I walked away no worse for wear. The others who were with me did not get the chance to walk away" he said with an anguished tone and heavy sigh. "War" said the Captain. "War may sometimes be a necessary evil, but no matter how necessary, it is always an evil, never good" quoted the Captain.

He obviously never served in the Romulan military, Nal thought to himself. On ships, even science vessels, all Romulans carried a weapon each and every day. It was a mandatory part of the uniform. The Romulans were constantly at war with someone, within the their own borders, or outside of them, it was constant. But now, now the Romulans were decimated. It would take generations to gain back what was lost, and in a way Nal felt sad about this. But the part of him, the part that hated his own people for their backwards way, felt it was deserved. He didn't like that feeling, but even after five years, he couldn't extinguish that feeling. He doubt he ever would.

Nal raised his hands in front of him. "You won't get an argument out of me on that one, Captain," he said. He had wondered how the conversation went from being confronted about what happened between he and the Saurian, to this, but he wasn't going to question it. "I know you don't know me, sir, but you have to trust me when I say I wouldn't do anything to endanger the ship or crew. Even Romulans have their own version of the Hippocratic Oath, and the safety of this crew is always going to be of my utmost priority." Now, part of him was itching to show that Saurian just how proficient he was in all of this.

"That I have no doubt of, Doctor" replied Captain Singh. "I do not believe you nor anyone aboard this starship would put my crew or the ship itself in any danger intentionally. Well, I can't say much for our helmsmen. He's too much of an unknown variable to me, but he has the necessary skill set that I was looking for in a pilot" admitted Avin. "Truthfully, though aside from possibly trying to sell us to the Orions or someone, I believe he can be trusted not to endanger us."

Not knowing the helmsman, Nal couldn't comment. "I can handle Orions," he said confidently. "Romulans have had their fair share of dealings with them as well." Which was the truth, Nal himself had his fair share of dealings with Orions. In fact Romulans tended to be duplicitous when it came to the Orions. They would use them to their advantage but then turn around and then blow their ships to space dust after. It was shameful, and unfortunately he had been part of that. There had been a lot of blood on his hands, despite his profession as a doctor. Nal had been correct, there had been a Romulan version of the Hippocratic Oath, but the caveat was that the Romulan, no matter how minor the injury came first above anyone else. Which meant if a Romulan just had some minor burns, but the human next to him was internally bleeding and near death, the Romulan would have been treated first. It was a shameful way to practice medicine. This was why he was glad to not be apart of that anymore, despite of how he ended up leaving the Empire.

Avin nodded. "Well, then I believe we will in good shape then. I look forward to having you as a member of my crew and working with you. Our missions may not typically be scientific in origin, but the places we will have to venture may be of some scientific importance. We can always make a detour to investigate if something peaks either of our curiosities" offered the Captain. "I would like to avoid running into the Orions if at all possible, but we will be ready for them if we must."

Nal nodded. "Sounds fair enough, sir," he said. After a few beats of silence that passed, Nal smiled. "I suppose I should get down to the medical bay, there are some final inventory checks that need to be done." He paused. "Unless you had anymore questions for me?"

The Captain gestured towards the entrance and exit of his Ready Room. "Nothing further, Doctor. I look forward to working with you. Please, enjoy the rest of your evening."


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