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Posted on Thu Jul 14th, 2016 @ 8:38am by Captain Avin Singh & Lucian Jax & Anne Chouvie
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Mission: 863
Location: Beta Quadrant | Planet of Bellatrix
Timeline: June - 22nd -2388

Having taken a shuttle from the shipyards, Captain Avin Singh and his accomplice and co-pilot for the trip, Chef Anne Chouvie had made the day trip to the Federation planet of Bellatrix with good timing. Though Avin had been rather quiet the entire time and hardly spoke a work to the woman aside from asking her to run a scan on something or to check a system. It wasn't that Avin was unfriendly. He just was not the most comfortable person around a stranger, but he knew that he would have to get to know the woman more sooner or later as she was slated to be serving aboard his starship, the SS Star of India. "Hail Bellatrix Control, let them know we will be arriving in a few minutes. Please have them clear an area for us to land" instructed Avin.

"Will do," Anne replied as she punched in the text request and started the automated process. She wasn't very wordy either. She was a cook. She barely knew what these consoles did. She'd do her best for now though, since that's what was needed in this instance.

Piloting was not Avin's expertise. It actually was science more than anything, but he had been certified to pilot small shuttlecraft though his experience doing so was limited and somewhat rusty from spending the past couple years out of Starfleet. "Beginning out descent now" he added announcing it to the woman. "Please keep an eye on the consoles, make sure nothing starts screaming at us...entering the stratosphere now" he continued.

Anne watched the consoles as they flew closer to the planet. Several gauges bounced into yellow areas, but nothing was red and no alarms went off. "No alarms so far..."

"Sound like everything is good to me" he said with a nod as he started to lower the shuttle's landing gear. "Landing gear is deployed...coming down to the troposphere...prepare for some light turbulence as we stabilize" he added just before the shuttle had a small hiccup before smoothing out. "Do they have a landing area cleared for us?" he asked the woman.

Checking the automated clearance process, Anne reported back with the results. "Pad thirteen is ready to receive us and nothing should be in our flight path."

"Lucky 13" he said with a small smirk. "Taking us down to pad 13....should be an easy enough landing" he said at the shuttle made the approach and sat down relatively gently on the pad. "Just like riding a camel again" he said aloud.

He looked at the woman as he handed a PaDD over to her. "We're looking for this guy" he said as he pulled the man's mugshot up. "He's a known pirate...and had been a member of the Maquis. We should consider him potentially dangerous and possibly armed."

Anne looked the picture over and memorized the facial structure. She was horrible at piloting, but she'd been aboard her share of smuggling ships. There wasn't much demand for chefs on the more mainstream boats, after all. "So keep my kitchen knives and phaser handy. Gotcha." Of course none of these were visible... but they were on her person, none the less.

"I'd rather take this more tactically than aggressively" he said with a small smile. "He's been known to frequent a nearby bar and he isn't too fond of anyone Starfleet or remotely close to it. As soon as we confront him about being a member of the crew...he's likely going to make a run for it or take a swing at one if not both of us. So, I want to subdue him" said Avin.

He looked at the woman with his dark eyes. "Can you seduce him enough to distract him?" he asked.

Anne's eyebrows shot up. "Me? Seduce someone? And without a kitchen? I can try."

Avin nodded. "Well, it is either going to have to be you or me, and frankly I have no interest in soliciting myself in any way shape or form...especially to another man" he said trying not to come off too hostile or bigoted about it. "Besides, I think the more reasonable assumption to make is that he'd find you more attractive" offered the Captain.

He then got up from his seat in the cockpit and headed back towards the rear of the small shuttle picking up a small satchel and digging through it. He pulled out a small package and opened it, taking out a tiny pebble like pill. "When he's distracted...slip this into his drink and wait a few minutes for it to fully dissolve. It's relatively tasteless and odorless."

= The Ale Hail Bar=

Lucian Jax found himself back in the Gravity Well Bar, as he was most nights of the week. Most people would think that a handsome young man such as himself would have better things to do in life than to waste his days drinking, but so far, he had yet to prove them right. He had become almost a regular here, even to the point of the bartender knowing which beer or liquor he'd want based on the look on his face when he walked in the door. If that wasn't love, Lucian didn't know what was.

Tonight, he was having whiskey, or at least the Cardassian version of it. Human liquors always had a stale taste to him, so he preferred the more exotic brews. He threw a few fingers in the air, a signal for the bartender to pour him another one. This was his second, or maybe his third? Lucian wasn't quite sure, but he was sure that he needed another. At this rate, he drink his entire life savings away in just under 3 months.

He sighed, not wanting to think about it. Having to give up the Starlancer was a hard choice to make, but he wasn't able to find work on his own anymore. Not with so many people looking for him. His ship was too easily noticeable and he would have found himself dead before long. It was better this way. Fly below the radar and try to find work on a different ship.

Walking into the bar, Avin quickly separated from Ms. Chouvie as to disassociate himself from Anne. The last thing he wanted was to be identified as a couple with her as it would ruin their plans. She knew what she had to do, Avin had laid it all out before they entered. He himself waited a few minutes before taking a seat at the bar, a couple of buffer seats between him and Lucian.

"Thaati Kallu" he said the the bartender, placing his order. A few minutes later the drink was sitting before him, much to his surprise. He honestly had not been expecting them to have it on hand yet they did. The drink was made from the sap from various palm treas including those of date palms and coconut palms. It had a thin milky white watery appearance.

"That looks disgusting," Lucian said to the man, giving his a half smile.

Oh? Are we going to converse with me? thought the Captain. "Looks aren't everything. It tastes better than it looks in my opinion" replied Avin simply, trying to appear as though he paid little attention to the man. "I've never been here before. What's their best drink?" he asked in an attempt to make some small talk. Perhaps it would lull his senses and let Anne do her job with ease.

Indeed it did let her work easier. Anne had already bribed the bartender and was behind the bar. "Whatever the man wants is always awesome." Leaning in closer to Lucian, she whispered into his ear, her cleavage spilling out just enough. "I just started working here and I'm still looking for a good lay. Interested in another drink on the house as incentive?" She spoke huskily and just loud enough for him to hear, licking his ear when she parted, a knowing grin on her face as she got out a glass and some ice to prepare him a fresh drink.

Lucian looked up at the woman, his eyes lingering on her busting cleavage a bit too long. "I'd be happy to help," he said, looking between her and the man who was sitting next to him.

Pulling out few bottles and a shaker, Anne started making a fresh drink in a very showy and fancy manner. It may have been the same simple thing he was already nursing, but bottles were in the air and the shaker was spinning for several seconds before everything was back on the counter. Then she shook the shaker a bit more before pouring it into the glass with ice and sliding it over to Lucian. "I hope I meet with your expectations." She said with a grin as she leaned on the bar, showing off a generous amount of cleavage once again. During that fancy display, she'd used a little sleight of hand to slip the drug into the drink and made sure it completely dissolved before serving it up.

Taking the glass, Lucian nodded to the man next to him. "He's cute, maybe he'll be a good candidate?" he asked, giving her a sly smile as he took a sip.

Taking a sidelong glance at the indicated man, Anne nodded thoughtfully. "With a drink like that? I'm guessing I'm not his type. You might be though." With a wink and a grin, she wandered down the bar to serve a few more customers just to keep up appearances.

Avin nursed his drink for a while, waiting patiently for the drugs to take effect and start weaning the man's energy and fine motor skills. Ideally, it would basically conk the man out slowly. The Captain was hoping that he and Anne could lure the man outside and then shuttle the man back to the SS Star of India with them. Once there, Avininder Singh would discuss the facts and lay everything out plain and simple.

Lucian turned to the man sitting next to him, "She has a point," he said, giving the man a wink.

"Don't count on it my friend" replied Avin. "But, I'll drink to a good evening among good company" he added, encouraging the man to drink more. Once he was nearly out cold, Avin and Anne would need to get him outside the bar.

Turning back to the bar, Lucian down the drink, motioning for the woman to pour him another. It didn't take long for the drug to take effect and a few moments later, he slid off of his barstool and hit the door with a thud.

"Well, that didn't take long" said Avin as he scooted off his bar stool and went to lift the man. "Might need your help with this Anne" he said calling for the woman to help him. "Let's get him back to the shuttle then bring him aboard his new home" added the Commanding Officer of the SS Star of India.


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