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It Takes Two to Triage

Posted on Mon Sep 12th, 2016 @ 11:31am by Ensign Neema Omari LPN & Lieutenant Nal Rehu MD

Mission: 863
Location: SS Star of India | Medical Bay
Timeline: June - 30th -2388

When Nurse Omari finally arrived outside of the Medical Bay, she knew not to expect too much. This was not going to be some lush medical facility like on a Starbase nor would it be as spacious as a Galaxy class Sickbay, nor as cozy as that of a Definat's, though the latter was closer to reality when the doors parted way and she found herself walking into a room with just a couple bio beds and a lot of equipment compacted into some tight work space. Of all my issues...thank the stars claustrophobia is not one of them she thought to herself, standing their in awe for a moment.

It was not like anyone could really be hiding in the room. So the first and only person she caught sight of matched the personnel file she had just read through on her way from her quarters. Anatomically, the man was rather attractive to just marvel at. Though being as sapiosexual as she was, it would be this man's with, intellect, and vast professional knowledge that would attract her. The perfect facial structure, the curvature of his ears, the model contour of his physique, and those bright grey eyes would not get in her way.

She looked at the man, her face rather expressionless despite her mind and heart in a competitive race to reach the finish line. "Doctor" she said calling out to the man as she cautiously approached the man. Her experience with any Romulan was limited and the few she had met personally were cold, calculated, and gave her the coldest shoulder she had ever felt. The young nurse raised her arm, extended her hand which held a PaDD. On the PaDD were her orders and assignment to Doctor Rheu. Nurse Omari would be serving on the SS Star of India as his nurse and by what she learned from the computer, so far the Doctor's only helping hand that he would have in the Medical Bay aside from the Safety Officer who had some basic first aid training.

Doctor Nal Rehu looked up from a small work station to see a petite Benzite standing there. The Romulans had mixed feelings concerning Benzites. Benzites were classified as weak physically, but intellectually that was a different story. However, Nal hated how xenophobic his own race had been. He had done a lot of hiding his true feels toward other races, but still years of having these messages ground into his head day in and day out did have some effect. For instance, knowing there was a Reman aboard brought out instincts in him that he thought were long buried. However, what saved him, was that for the past five years he had been working for the Merchant Services, which meant he had encountered many races over his travels.

Nal offered a warm smile as he took a hole of the PaDD that the Benzite woman offered. He looked it over briefly, his gray eyes scanning the contents. He looked back up at the nurse. "It's good to meet you Nurse Omari. It's also good to have a nurse on board with me, I haven't always been lucky enough to have help on my previous assignments." He gave his thumb print on the PaDD, and handed it back to the Benzite nurse. "Orders accepted."

The Benzite Nurse took the PaDD back and gave a polite bowing over her head, a silent thank you in her own way. "It had not really dawned on me, Doctor, just how small most of these vessels are. This is arguably frontier medicine in a way" she said in response to his fortune of having assistance this time. "The Star of India is my first assignment Merchant Marines or otherwise" she confessed. "My parents had wanted me to go to Starfleet Academy, but I chose this career instead" she added.

"It is true, a lot of the vessels that are a part of the Merchant Marines can be quite small. A lot of the vessels are derelict, or holdovers from a bygone era," Nal replied. "This sickbay is quite lavish compared to my last two assignments, but that is neither here nor there." He recalled his first assignment with the Merchant Marines, it was a Raven-class vessel. Most of it had been gutted to accommodate cargo, and then fitted with a bridge, some small quarters, a small mess hall and an even smaller sickbay. The sickbay he had to work with was nothing but a biobed/surgical bed, a work station, and a cabinet to hold the basic supplies. A lot of times, he didn't even use the small medical bay. After a moment, he continued, "What made you decide to choose this life over one in Starfleet?" Nal, of course, never really dealt with Starfleet beyond accidentally running into them at a port.

Neema found herself drawn to this man and his harrowing physician stories. "A Raven class...really? Now, that sounds enchanting" she said almost swooning over the idea. She knew the class well enough. It was a lot newer than this Oberth class, but also a great deal smaller too. There were typically only five actual decks to that type of ship and a much smaller crew compliment even to the Star of India's skeletal one. "It must have been quite the experience, Doctor. I chose the Merchant Marines because less people join the Merchant Marines than Starfleet. The Academy was smaller, I had less of a graduating class than I would have at Starfleet Academy, and there are more opportunities to stand out" she explained.

"Makes sense," Nal replied simply. Due to his own military training, he didn't have to do the full Academy, he just had to do the six months of training that would bring him unto speed onto what the Merchant Marines were. He had been surprised when he was offered a commission. "A Raven-class is good for those who either like small groups, or don't really want to be bothered at all." He was in the latter, but didn't want to get into all that with someone he just met. "I'm glad you are on board, it will make things easier for me, plus it will give you great experience in patient care, and also experience in manning sickbay on your own."

The young Benzite nervously looked at the Chief Medical Officer. "I was not expecting to be manning Sickbay all by myself, but I guess I should have been prepared for that on this assignment. I'm only an LPN, Doctor" she said softly with a shrug. "I will do my best though with your guidance of course. I have a background in microbiology and an interest in infectious diseases" she added as she told him a little more about herself.

Nal nodded. "Which will definitely help incase we encounter a plague of any sort," he said. "But typically we will only see minor cases, scrapes, cuts, broken things... stuff like that." Throughout the past five years, he had only had to perform surgery a handful of times. One of those times was a minor procedure after one of his shipmates got into a bar brawl and had to have his septum realigned. "I'm sure you will do just fine, you are trained to handle most minor cases, and if it's something major you know I won't be that far away."

Nodding, Neema walked over to one of the storage lockers that had medical equipment securely tucked away. Basic medical kits ready on standby and a few medically configured tricorders. "It is a very diverse crew even if a somewhat small crew compliment. I was looking through personnel files and saw a Tellarite, a Cardassian, a Saurian....and well you of course" she said with a sigh. "I've taken a course of Xena Anatomy, but class cannot prepare you for a crew this diverse. I'm used to seeing a crew majority wise being Human" she explained.

Smirking, Nal said, "Well you are in luck, we have some of those too." Then a reassuring nod followed. "Sometimes the best learning comes from being on the job, believe me, I was in the Romulan Military Medical Corp., and was not as prepared for xenobiology as I had assumed I was when I crossed into Federation space. But, I learned, and what I learned is that most bipedal species, though arranged differently on the inside, tend to have the same parts. That's where calibrated tricorders are a nice thing to have."

"Tricorders are a physicians best friend" she said with a small, quick, and quite subtle smile at her own little attempt at being funny. Though her facial expression was short lived and she resumed her normal expression and posture. "So, you did once belong to the Empire as a citizen? I did not know that. I kind of figured any Romulan aboard a Federation starship would have been born and raised Federation."

"Yep, was a citizen of the Empire," Nal confirmed. "My personnel file only has my service to the Merchant Marines and the Federation. My Romulan military records are sealed, and burned for all I know." He shook his head at that as he crossed his arms over his chest. He leaned against the workstation as he regarded his new nurse. "Since the whole mess with Shinzon, the Federation and Romulans have been more relaxed with the Neutral Zone. I was allowed to cross into Federation Space, and the rest is history."

Neema nodded understanding what he had said to her, but it did raise a few questions for her. One of which did involve the potential medical care of a shipmate. "There is a Reman serving aboard the Star of India" she said matter of factly. "How will that affect you? Do you hold any hostility towards them, Doctor? I am not sure how I would feel if I were in your place."

Nal shook his head. "I don't hold any hostilities toward Remans," he replied simply. "It's hard for me to have hostilities toward a race that my people have oppressed." His whole life, he had been taught how Remans were the lowest of the low in the Romulan caste system. Nah always had to go along with it, even though on the inside it angered him how his own people treated others. "However, I can't speak for our resident Reman and how he will feel,"

The nurse simply nodded. "It will be my first time ever seeing Reman" she confessed. "Is it true as a people that they lived underground?" she asked.

"It's true," Nal confirmed. "Remus' orbit was locked, one side facing the Romii star so the Reman's were forced to live on the dark side of their planet. My people felt it was necessary to keep them as slave labor, and to use them as cannon fodder as needed." Nah shook his head in disgust. "I'm not sure how this Reman will react with me on board, but hopefully it will work out."

"Indeed, Doctor" replied the Nurse shaking her head at the barbarism of the Romulan Empire. "I guess we better continue our work" she said pleasantly as she began to see what still needed to be done in the small medical bay.


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