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Posted on Tue Sep 6th, 2016 @ 8:11pm by Lieutenant Raza & Lieutenant Nal Rehu MD & Grax
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Mission: 863
Location: SS Star of India, Lounge

Raza was resting himself in the lounge, drinking some saurian brandy as he took in the view from the lounge window, and quite enjoyed meeting with that Tellarite, made things less awkward when he came onboard. But he knew he had to get down to business and since he wasnt sure if he actually had an office or not, he decided to use the lounge. "Waiter, three extra glasses and another saurian brandy bottle, please." Raza called out as he then tapped his combadge.

=^= "Excuse me, Lt Nal and Civilian Grax, if your not entirely busy, could I see you in the Lounge, Saurian brandy is in it for you if you come." =^= Raza said as he hoped he motivated them to come to his little meeting.

The call had come out of the blue, and Nal Rehu would admit that he was genuinely curious as to why he was being summoned. He had surmised that it could have been any number of things, but there was no use in speculating... he would just agree to go. After announcing into the comm unit that he would be there in a few minutes; Nal entered the lounge to see not only the Saurian brandy, but a Saurian sitting there as well. The Saurian brandy was not a motivator. He regarded the slightly shorter, red smooth skinned Saurian. "Greetings," he said to the other male, "we haven't met officially." He knew Saurian appendages were different than most bipedal species, but he still reached out with a hand. "Lieutenant Nal Rehu, Chief Medical slash Science officer."

"Brandy?" Grax heard over the communication as he blinks, this crew operated very differently then what he was used to from an Imperial Romulan vessel. That other name, Nal sounded familiar to him. Not the name but the sound of it. He placed his books down onto his table in his room as Grax stood up and walked towards the exit to make way towards this meeting. After a few minutes he walked into the Lounge seeing a Saurian and a Romulan standing there. For a moment he gave the Romulan some eye contact, not every Romulan was used to the idea of working with a Reman. Grax wonders if this person was used to it or be hostile towards him. He looked at the Saurian "Grax, what can I do for you?" He simply replied.

"Hello, thank you both for coming." Raza said getting up and shook the Romulans hand. "Im Lt Raza, Safety officer aboard ship. I thought we could have ourselves a little meeting sense I will undoubtedly be seeing you both on more unofficial business sooner or later." Raza said pouring both Grax and Nal some Saurian Brandy. "Here, We arent officially on duty yet." He said handing them each a glass. "Ok, So I called you here, because I have a few things I would like to discuss with you. Though I will go one at a time, so which of you wish to go first?" Raza asked simply as he looked to both Romulan and Reman.

Taking the glass as a shot and empty in one swing as Grax placed it on the table looking at the Saurian "Romulan Ale is bit stronger, so bring it on table you wish to discuss. I got more things to do" Thought on this ship he was a mere civilian with a good experience on paper.

"Another?" Raza asked pouring Grax another. "Ok down to business and no pleasantries, very well." Raza said looking at the Romulan and gave a crooked eyebrow out of sight of Grax giving the impression 'This should be fun'. "Ok, I need to talk to you about setting up weapon drills for everyone onboard to familiarize people with the operation and use of the type 3 phaser rifle's, I recently brought onboard. We have 10 of them so it is plenty to work with. I can train people with all phaser types but seeing as despite your civilian attire you are essentially the ranking security officer onboard the ship. So it is under your observation that the others will be trained in their usage. This also means that I will set up times on regular intervals, usually when certain people are off duty to do these courses. While training them with the rifles, I will train them and refresh their abilities in the type 1 and 2 phaser usage. In addition to this." Raza said as he was glad the medical officer was here just incase.

"We will need to train all civilians onboard the crew as back up security should we get boarded and teach them if needed how to survive in a confrontation, I will also be leading them in regular work outs threw out the ship on a daily basis. After all, we have only so much security personnel onboard, the additional crew training in this matter should be a high priority. After all, train them now and we wont have to train new people later if we can keep the current crew alive long enough. Do you have any suggestions or comments, Civilian Grax?. If not this should be employed immediately." Raza explained.

He observed the Saurian that explained what he wanted to propose and some things already needed to be addressed "First, call me Grax, not Civilian nor my former Reman rank. Just Grax" He took a deep breath as he looked at him "Second are we going to train the civilians on this vessel that are operating on this vessel or the guest? Because I believe records state that only guest should be trained to use weapons not higher then level 2 phasers. Third I will train the people here how to handle rifles, no worries about that but how did you get those?" Grax was not going to play stupid, stealing from the Federation in any regard is dangerous.

"It isnt an insult, Civilian Grax. Its the way I talk to people. Rank and name if no rank is inserted then professional rank is required. Starfleet Academy bred this into us." Raza explained the meaning for the rank and name. "Only permanent residents aboard the vessel will be trained with the phasers. Officers will be required to be trained with the rifles but every permanent resident onboard should have some familiarity with the rifles just incase. You dont need to know how I acquired them." Raza said smiling.

"Grax will do..." He insisted again as he smirks a bit "As for the weapons....okay, but if I find out they are not legally here they are out of the airlocker without any remorse" Grax pointed out as he takes another glass of the alcohol and points at the Romulan "I got nothing more to ask, the Romulan is next"

"The Romulan has a name," Nal Rehu said dryly as he sipped at the Saurian Brandy. It was fairly weak, but that could have been his own tastebuds. He was, after all, much more accustomed to stronger, harder, liquors. He thought how the weapons were being handled was a bad idea, but he was fairly confident the Reman and Saurian would figure that out eventually. All preconceptions, such as Starfleet, the Romulan Military, or even the Reman contingency, had to be thrown out the window when it came to the merchant services. But, he was just the doctor and scientist, what did he know? "And that name is Doctor Nal Rehu, but you can refer to me as Doctor." Nal had no issue with Remans, though he was taught from a young age to think of Remans a sub-class; Nal never bought into that. To him, all should be equal. Though, he could give just as good as a cranky Reman.

"What questions do you have of me, Lieutenant?" Nah asked, he took another sip of the brandy.

"None, though, Your services will be highly more required than Grax here. I need from you, a triage protocol set up incase we have to take on people quickly if we arent near a starbase, this means we will need to convert a cargo bay into a makeshift triage center within two minutes or less. We will also need you to train people in basic medical triage and medical training, this means, the basics, Put pressure on a bleeder, keep them from dying, stabilize and wait for rescue. I am sure we wont need it but if we have too I would prefer to have an army of people who have a basic understanding of medicine to help than no one at all." Raza said pointedly.

"We three will need to also discuss, Bug out bags for all personnel as well as Evacuation kits for each person onboard and train people in what is a priority to take and leave should we have to leave the ship and evacuate which will also lead into the Evacuation drills that I have planned for all personnel. These bags or kits will allow myself, as well as everyone else to be able to grab the bag and leave, this will ensure peoples survival and also cut down on evacuation times and increase survival of the crew if they have these bags. Its better to be safe than dead, which I am sure you both can agree too. I will also be teaching a series of SERE variant classes. Though SERE is all about escape and evade, I will also be teaching everyone tracking and how to determine if a source of water on a hostile planet is safe to drink or not. I know this may be strange for you all, but their are many layers to safety and my job is to have multiple layers of contingencies to ensure peoples safety and survival." Raza explained to the Doctor and Grax.

"Now, if you dont have any questions, I would like to discuss a few items that will be placed within the grab and go bags or Evac Kits." Raza said looking at both of them as he refilled their drinks and blinked rapidly to help moisturize his eyes.

Nal's first thought upon hearing all this was that it seemed like overkill. Even Romulan precision wasn't this... precise. "Before we get into that... I do agree with your plans, it is always good to be prepared, however..." he paused for effect, "the Star of India is a refit ship, the escape pods should have all that is needed for short term survival. Also, a lot of us have come from some type of military background, so we have all been trained in some sort of survival training. If they aren't former military, they have been apart of the merchant services which teaches survival training." He placed the glass onto the table, he didn't want to much more alcohol at this point.

"Now don't get me wrong, I am all for training. It's important for everyone to be prepared, but we also don't need to be redundant about it. I think it would be more prudent and efficient to go through crew files, and see who might need what in the way of training." He wouldn't dismiss the plan, no, but he did feel there was way too much, especially when most were already trained in such things. He for one wouldn't have to go through any training, he was fully certified to use weapons, he had survival training as part of the Romulan military and the Merchant Services, and was the doctor - so no medical/triage training was necessary.

"I understand your position, Doctor. But consider this training to be a refresher course. Part of my job is to ensure the smooth, efficient, workings of evacuations and safety aboard this vessel, and I take that job seriously." Raza said putting his glass down as well. "Even if people are trained in weapon uses, Grax and I both need to know this personally by all crew onboard. I cant allow and I will suggest to the Captain that no personnel onboard can use weapons unless they either take a refresher course taught by Grax and I in our perspective areas, until then, no one can use weapons onboard. So even you will have to go threw this course so I can make sure that you havent forgotten which way to point the phaser. Also survival training is mandatory as a refresher course regardless of position. Even the XO and Captain has to show a face and take part in both courses, Lead by example sorta thing." Raza told the Doctor.

"As for the medical training, you will be teaching triage and basic medical courses for the crew. So while you teach this class, my presence is mandatory to refresh my memory of basic medical knowledge and how to triage people since my medical knowledge is mostly in herbs you find on planets. As I believe that if we do crash we may not have access to a medical bay, what if we get captured by pirates and someone is injured, I only know how to treat the injury with herbal remedies and naturally. So my presence in basic field medicine would require me to show up to the course you teach. Just like my presence despite my security background would be required to appear for Grax, teaching the operation of type 3 phasers, so you see everyone has to attend these courses, I will set up in conjunction with you and Grax. So our courses do not overlap with each other. Have I explained to your satisfaction? or can we move onto the Evac kits that the escape pods will be upgraded too?" Raza explained.

"The grab bags will be up to your own needs for what you would grab if you were stuck in medical, would you grab a phaser?, sure, would you grab a medical tricorder sure, but the bags would fit what we each do, and all we have to do is grab the bag and go, not run around trying to figure out what we need and then go. That takes time. That takes time that could kill you. With a Grab and go bag, this would prevent everyones deaths and evac from the ship would be decreased and no one would have to go looking for what you already possess in the bag. Get it?" Raza asked politely.

He could detect the condescension, and Nal wasn't going to have any of it. "I get it," Nal said, nodding. "However, these quote unquote grab bags need to be standardized and I believe you are over doing it. There is such a thing as being too prepared you know." The Romulan shook his head. "The simple fact of the matter is, we could be as prepared and the unthinkable happens that we aren't prepared for. You can't account for every scenario, but you have to trust that everyone, repeat, everyone knows their job. They wouldn't be here if they didn't know their job. But, I am not taking time out of my day to get certified in weapons training when I've been certified by not only the Romulan Star Empire, but the Merchant Marines as well... and if the Captain has issue with that, he knows where to find me!"

Nah Rehu stood up.

"I will decide how the first aid training will go, and when I draw up the schedule I will let you know, but until then..." he offered a smile, "you will just have to make do with the doctor you have on board." He wrapped his fingers around the glass, brought it to his lips, and drained the contents of the glass. He brought the glass down with a bit more force for effect, a ringing sound bounced off the bulkheads. "Mister Grax, Lieutenant Raza, pleasure to meet you both, but I must bit you adieu. There is work to do after all." With that, he tipped his head and turned and left the lounge.

As he watched the Romulan leave, Raza turned to Grax. "Well, That could have gone better, is it me or does he have an ego, we should be concerned with?" Raza asked Grax with a crooked eyebrow.

Seeing the Romulan leave he took a deep breath and nodded "It's nothing to be concerned about, it's in their nature" Grax stands up and walks towards the exit "Good luck with this pleasant cruise, see you around" He stated as he left the room as Grax had other things to attend to.

'Superior complex, Romulans!' he thought to himself as he tidied up a bit as he sat back down and drank the rest of the Saurian ale before he had to go and look for the Captain to get things straightened out.


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