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I'm The Only One

Posted on Fri Sep 2nd, 2016 @ 2:39am by Ensign Neema Omari LPN

Mission: 863
Location: SS Star of India | Neema's Cabin
Timeline: June - 30th -2388

There were benefits to serving aboard the SS Star of India, benefits to Neema that were actually seen as cons rather than pros for most people. She dealt with anxiety all her life and no amount of counselling nor any prescription was going to eradicate that from existence. So long as she existed and was breathing, anxiety would be there as her constant companion. However, it was far more manageable now with counselling sessions and routine medication that she took via hypospray on the dot every time. She did not miss a treatment and she never flaked on her counselling sessions. What she had not quite realized until after accepting the assignment to the SS Star of India was that the starship was more than just ideally small, which she loved; The SS Star of India had no assigned Counselor aboard and no plans for one either. This caused her to freak a little as she had never gone a week in all her years without having at least one session.

She took a deep breath, several of them actually which caused her to look remotely like a fish out of water. "Computer" she said as she sat her personal belongings down in her tiny quarters. "Is there a Ship's Counselor assigned to this starship?" she asked once again, somewhat praying that it was just some technical fluke and the computer had glitched or something the last time she asked, but again it replied "Negative. There are no Counselors assigned to the SS Star of India" and this made her chest feel tight as she pulled her legs back, her knees connecting to her chin and she rocked a bit on the edge of her bunk. It's going to be will be okay. You have this, Neema. Not every starship has a Counselor. They should but they don't she said to herself as she rocked back and forth for several minutes.

"Computer, how many crew serve on an Oberth class starship?" she asked, knowing the number had to be fairly low given the ship's size. She was reassured by the computer that "An Oberth class starship holds a maximum crew compliment of fifty individuals" to which Neema felt herself relax a bit more. Her life was dictated by numbers or guided at least. She preferred to think of it as simply guided by numbers rather than the words 'controlled' or 'dictated' which made her feel less in control of herself and her life. She had never been in Starfleet despite that being her dream. In stead she attended the Federation Maritime Academy to become an Officer in the Merchant Marines, albeit a nurse. Why the Maritime Academy instead of Starfleet Academy? Numbers. Too many cadets would be at Starfleet Academy even if she managed to take all her classes at one of the more remote campuses.

The Maritime Academy was not as popular and her graduating class was not in the thousands nor was it in the high hundreds. It was somewhere between high double digits to maybe wiggling into triple digits. That was counting everyone with all majors included. The nursing program only had about forty, some of whom dropped out and made the number more comfortable. "And what about the Star of India. What is our expected crew compliment?" she asked the computer.

"Assigned crew compliment of the SS Star of India is twenty five" replied the ship's computer. This caused Neema to feel a lot more relaxed and she was starting to ease her posture a bit as her knees slid away and her feet dropped, dangling over the floor, hovering there. Maybe this won't be so bad after all she thought to herself.

She knew there was no Counselor, but she was not sure how the medical situation aboard would be. "Computer, list medical personnel assigned to the Star of India" she commanded. Her inquiry had been taken and the answers given rather quickly. Only two names and positions were given. Her eyes widened and she shot right up in her bed. "Computer, you mean to tell me this starship has one doctor and one nurse? That is all for the Medical Department?"

"Affirmative" replied the computer.

The Benzite Nurse got off her bed and headed out to find this Doctor. "I'm the only one? I'm the only nurse he has?!" she said to herself somewhat panicking a bit. It was a great deal of responsibility that she was not expecting, fresh out of school. Surely, we will be taking on another doctor or at least a veteran nurse she thought as she proceeded to the Medical Bay.


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