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Posted on Mon Sep 12th, 2016 @ 6:54am by Commander Jesse Temple & Lucian Jax

Mission: 863
Location: Crew Quarters


Jesse looked to the map on his PaDD as he made his way through the Star of India's corridors, focusing on his intended destination. The Marine was surprised to hear how the Captain had managed to recruit their Chief Flight Officer, in fact a part of him still disbelieved the story a little. Still, life in the Merchant Marines was already throwing up some interesting dilemmas.

As he stood before Lucian Jax's quarters, Jesse wasn't sure which expression to use. Jovial and friendly? Solemn and official? Painfully stoic? He looked down at the present he'd brought along with him, and decided to let that do talking. He pressed the door chime and waited.

The doors opened with a swish and a man stood in the doorway. He was wearing black pants and nothing else. He raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything.

When the door opened, Jesse just held up the bottle of whiskey and shrugged, "Hey."

Lucian took the bottle of liquor, looked at it and then back up at the man. Without a word, he pressed the button that closed to doors.

Jesse gave a wry smirk before loudly calling out through the door, "This is why the Captain had to drug you, aint it?"

A few moments passed and the doors opened again. Lucian still didn't say anything but walked away towards the small kitchen he had in his quarters. He grabbed two glasses and poured a some of the liquor into each.

Jesse walked into the quarters and nodded, it was pretty much as he expected. Smaller but just as Spartan as his own. Moving over to the kitchen, the Marine took the casually offered glass in his large paw and raised it up to the pilot.

"To first impressions." He toasted, that sly smile still on his lips.

Jesse downed the drink in a quick gulp, his throat taking a second or two before sending that familiar burning sensation through to his senses. He savored it for a moment before nodding approvingly.

"It was either this or flowers." He said, attempting a joke.

"Are you attempting to date me?" the Trill asked, finally saying something.

"I don't enter relationships with senior staff." Jesse replied seriously, "Despite all the witty banter we have."

Jesse shrugged and decided to get to business, "So I heard you were basically conscripted onboard the Star of India. The Captain's assurances aside, I still have concerns over having a man with your history flying this boat. So I wanted to come to you, man to man, and talk to you myself."

Lucian looked at the man, "You know nothing of my history, nor does the Captain. So please, inform me of what history to which you are referring. Perhaps I can set the record straight?"

Jesse felt the tension. Or maybe he could see it as the man wasn't wearing a shirt. Still, he wished he had more diplomatic skills. He was used to dealing with grunts and Marines, they tended not to ask questions.

Instead, he leaned over and poured the man another drink, before speaking.

"Piracy? The Maquis?" He raised an eyebrow, more casually suggesting then actually accusing. "But if that's not the true story, or the whole picture then I'll listen. I know a bottle of whiskey ain't much proof but believe me, I'll listen."

"I have dabbled in both," Lucian stated, taking the glass.

Jesse nodded again, appreciating the pilot's honesty. "I guess my question is, why? I mean, I've done some bad things in my time too. I won't be chastising anyone for past mistakes. But were you following their worldview and purpose, or just getting by?"

Lucian shrugged his shoulders, "A man has to make his way in the world. The Maquis was a bit before my time, but my symbiont was involved. My previous host believed in their cause. The piracy was all me. I don't particularly agree with the act, but they paid quite well."

The Marine smiled, more out of relief than anything. He knew where Jax was coming from. He'd been there himself. While he wasn't about to trust the guy completely, he was relieved that he probably wasn't a security threat.

"I understand," Jesse replied. "And I want to thank you for your candor. I hope I didn't offend in my forthright questioning, but I like to know who I'm flying with."

"Those are your only questions?" Lucian asked, taking a few steps toward the man. He put a hand on the man's side and pulled him closer. "You want to get to know me?"

Jesse smiled his usual dorky smile. Internally, his combative mind was considering ways to subdue the man if his calm demeanour appeared to be a disguise. But he knew his abilities well enough not to over react, he continued to act nonchalant and unthreatened.

"I had my personal doubts, which I had to satisfy," Jesse replied, never losing eye contact with Jax, "But I fundamentally trust the Captain's judgement. He wanted you for this ship, he has my support in your appointment."

He laughed, "Unless there's something else you wish to show me. I mean, tell me."

Lucian gave the man a sly smile as he leaned in and kissed him gently on the lips, "I have a lot to show you."

Jesse didn't respond to the man's advances, he just remained stoically still. He merely gave a smile and replied, "I'm happy just to take your word on that."

The Marine gave the Pilot a firm pat on the shoulder before turning and strolling towards the door. "You can keep the bottle. But you better be fit to report for duty first thing tomorrow morning. You'll be getting drilled on Federation standards, to get y'all up to speed before we depart."

"You're passing up on a good drilling here," Lucian said with a flippant attitude. He grabbed the bottle and turned away, walking back towards the far end of the quarters.

Jesse laughed as he exited the door. Interesting dilemmas, indeed.



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