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Wake Me Up Inside [BACK POST]

Posted on Tue Aug 30th, 2016 @ 5:05pm by Captain Avin Singh & Lucian Jax

Mission: 863
Location: SS Tornado | Brig

Light slowly began to fade in through the corners of the man's eyes. A groan escaped his throat as memories from the night before began to flood his mind. He leaned to the side, realizing he was on a bed, though it was as hard as rocks. He opened his eyes and realized he was in, what looked like a jail cell. The room was basically empty except for a bed and sink, and one wall had a massive forcefield on it.

Anger boiled in Lucian's stomach as he stood up and walked to the forcefield. There was a young man standing at a console not far away, looking down.

"You, get me out of here," Lucian said, leaning against the forcefield frame.

The young man looked up. He couldn't be more than 18 years old. His red hair and freckles clashed with the green of his tunic. He pushed a button on the console, "Captain Singh, the man is awake," he said into the comm before it cut out. The young boy looked up at Lucian, "The Captain will be here soon."

"I don't give a fuck about your Captain. Get me out of this cell. I've done nothing wrong, I've been kidnapped and taken hostage." Lucian punched the bulkhead, putting a small dent into the metal. "Get me out of here!"

Walking into the room with a good cup tea, a visible trail of steam evident. "Language" said the Captain of the SS Star of India. "Call me prudish if you must, but I prefer to leave that language on backwater worlds and in seedy establishments. I do not permit much vulgarity to follow me professionally" added the young man with dark hair and dark eyes. "Kidnapped...perhaps. I like to to consider it unlawful detainment and you are more of my special guest rather than a hostage. The holding cell was for your own protection until you sobered up and came to" said Avin with a small smile.

He looked at the young red haired boy who had signed up and was serving aboard the Star of India "Release the force field, please" instructed the Captain who then headed over to a replicator. "Can I get you anything to drink or eat?" he asked Lucian. "You are a free man. I would like for you to come out and discuss matters with me" added Avin.

"Get me off of here," Lucian said as he walked towards the door of the room. When it didn't open, he turned and looked at the man with a scowl. "What the fuck do you want with me?"

Avin looked at the man "Not your companionship, that much I can assure you" replied the Captain in short. "However, your friendship overtime would be an acceptable bonus. No, what you are doing here and what I want with you is quite simple. I am in need of a skilled pilot and navigator" explained Avin as he took a sip of his tea and pursed his lips as he was briefly sidetracked in though. "This is actually not bad for replicator chai" he said to himself.

"And what, asking me was out of the question?" Lucian asked, throwing his hands in the air. "I don't tend to work for people who detain me illegally. But if you had just asked, we could probably have worked something out."

The Captained scoffed as he finished his tea. "Ah yes, because your word is golden in this quadrant or any other part of the galaxy" said Avin as he motioned for the red haired boy to hand him a PaDD and for the young man to take the empty mug. "Lucian Jax age 36 Earth Years...a Trill, and that is all I know about you that is fact. Everything else is scuttlebutt and hear say, but your reputation as a wrangled pilot who has little regard for safety is exactly the sort of man I am looking for to pilot this old girl."

"Perhaps you should take your misinformation and shove it up your ass," Lucian said. "You don't know me nor do I plan to tell you. If you want a good pilot, go find someone else. If you want the best, then you better fucking ask me nicely."

The Captained crossed his arms as he disregarded the small bit of info about the man contained on the PaDD, except for a few bits of info. "Well, Lucian you see there's one thing I cannot ignore. You have violated a few planetary laws in your day with reckless flying and endangerment of others, even a few non-Federation worlds have outstanding fines. This is me asking you nicely. Join my crew and pilot my starship and I'll pay you handsomely in bars of latinum."

"Unlock this door," Lucian simply stated.

"Oh" said Avin somewhat apologetically as he approached a panel nearby the holding cell. "Forgive me. I'm still getting used to this starship. Not everything opens automatically, some things should but aren't, and I thought I was going to get stuck in one of the lifts the other day. As upgraded and retrofitted as they are making this starship. She was clearly in the salvage yard for a reason."

"How many bars of latinum are we talking?" Lucian asked. He leaned against the bulkhead, crossing his arms. This was his favorite part, the negotiating.

Avin was interested in seeing where this went and how smoothly. He was no Ferengi, but haggling and bartering were going to be something that Avin would have to come to strengthen his skills on. "How long are you staying...I cannot pay you for five months if you only stay five days. So, how about we make a deal. I'll pay you per mission we get. Payment is going to very on what we are carrying and who we are carrying it for. We take on a lot of Federation cargo, but we are not exclusive" explained the Captain.

He looked at Lucian. "I'll be willing to pay twenty bars right here right now if you take us to our first pick up site. We have to stay in a Fleet Yard for several days, but once we disembark it is less than a day's travel to our cargo pick up."

"Thirty and not a slip less. Let's not forget you drugged me and detained me illegally." Lucian looked at the man with a sly smile. "You look like a Starfleet guy, even if you aren't an active member, I'm sure they wouldn't be happy with that information."

Avin nodded "Thirty it is. But You are only getting ten of it now. The rest you may have after we get the cargo to its destination safely and I'll give you a bonus for your troubles" said the Captain. "Yes, I was Starfleet, but that was another life...well not like a Trill means it. Point being Starfleet is behind me and we have very little to do with one another."

Lucian smiled, "Those terms are agreeable. If you need me, I'll be in my quarters. Let me know when we're leaving." With that, the man turned and walked through the doors.

Quarters thought Avin who followed the man out into the corridor. "We don't have much of a crew yet. There's you, me, and the woman from bar. You are welcome to lay claim to quarters wherever you like."

"I'll figure it out," the Trill said with a wave of his hand, without looking back.


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