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Above And Beyond

Posted on Mon Sep 12th, 2016 @ 6:47am by Commander Jesse Temple & Grax

Mission: 863
Location: Cargo Bay


Jesse was standing formally on the cargo ramp as crewmen guided hover-dollies stacked with supplies onto the Star of India. He watched each load as it drifted by, ensuring to mark off every shipment on his PaDD as it arrived onboard.

The officious Marine made certain that he randomly oversaw regular duties in all aspects of ship activities. While he knew it would at first intimidate or annoy the junior officers, Jesse felt it important to be familiar with a wide range of duties. And he wanted to show that he was willing to do any job.

For this shipment, however, he required some additional approval, and had called down the Star's new Chief of Security. As the doors opened, Jesse turned and gave a respectful nod to the Reman soldier.

"Afternoon, Grax," Temple spoke, "Thank you for joining me."

Grax enter the room and gets his jacket good, he was not used towards the civilian outfit. But this was currently the best he could get to change into duty again "Your welcome mister Temple" He was not going to use ranks, but mere titles as this was in his eyes a civilian ship.

Temple raised an eyebrow but smiled, "First I want to thank you for joining the crew. I had actually planned on trying to run the Security detail myself but I'm very glad to have a man with your experience and skills running the team."

Nodding towards the man "Good to know, I will do my best to serve this vessel"

Jesse stopped a crewman and asked him to open up one of the crates.

"This is what I wanted to show you," He began, pulling out a special issue Marine corp Squad Support Phaser Weapon . "A little gift from a buddy in the Marines, for your team to use."

Seeing the crate of weapons Grax smirks a bit "Are we going into war Mister Temple? Or am I not being told the whole story of what to expect on these journeys?"

Jesse gave a laugh, "Hopefully not. And I'd rather not break out the hardware unless required, but I wanted y'all to have some extra firepower. Should the situation require it."

Nodding towards the man "Good to know that we are not going into a war" Grax stated looking at the man.

The Marine pulled up another crate, "Plus there's some body armour and training equipment. I want to ensure your team is up to scratch before we get to our first mission, or at least on their way to achieving our standards. We won't have Star Fleet watching our backs out there, so we've gotta cover our own asses."

"Well lets hope we wont find anything nasty then out there" Grax said as he took a deep breath "Any news on the mission we are going for?"

The Marine shrugged, "Heard we're headin' off soon but won't know the details till I meet with the Captain later. Have all of your team signed into the ship yet?"

Grax shrugs at the mention of the team "You mean the 5 people that consist of former Starfleet credits...yes they are here and tucking their gear away" Grax did not had lots of leverage to work with and he did not like the odds.

Jesse frowned at the old Reman's comment. Of course he would be used to a more organised militia but they had to make the best with their recruits. "I've moulded soldiers and been moulded myself through rigorous training and a clear plan. I, of course, defer to you on how to best implement that plan, but please rely on me should you require it."

Looking at the man "Understood Mister Temple, is there anything else you wish to discuss with me?" Grax looked at him as the work was cut out for him.

The Commander looked around and shrugged, "Think that's all for now. Oh, I want you to meet with Lieutenant Raza sometime today. He's the Safety Officer, he wanted to organise phaser training with the regular crew. Think it'll help us all out should the Star get into some tight scrapes."

Nodding towards the Commander "I will when I can Commander, but for now I focus my efforts on security" Grax stated as he gave a polite nod towards him and walked out of the door of the Cargo bay.

Temple gave a small smile as the Reman departed, pleased with how the meeting went. He finished off the shipment requisition and handed duties back over to the proper crewman then made his way to sickbay for his next meeting.


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