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Into The Wilds

Posted on Mon Sep 12th, 2016 @ 4:27am by Lieutenant Nal Rehu MD & Commander Jesse Temple

Mission: 863
Location: Sickbay


Jesse had received notification from the computer that the Star of India's Chief Medical Officer was on board and promptly made his way to Sickbay for his regulation check-up. The marine was used to being scanned and hyposprayed by doctors throughout his many away missions and postings, and always believed a good soldier was a healthy one.

So he entered the Sickbay with gusto and his usual boyish enthusiasm, giving the Lieutenant a broad smile.

"Doctor Rehu?" He exclaimed; less a question and more of a greeting.

The sickbay on the Star of India was quite small, not that Nal Rehu expected more than that. He had been a Merchant Marine for five years now, every ship was different, which meant that every sickbay was different. This one had a Starfleet design, and he only knew this because the Horizon Bay had a sickbay with the look and feel of a Starfleet design. Either way, it would do, and that was all that mattered.

At the sound of the door opening, Nal looked up from the inventory PaDD he was looking at to be greeted by a man who was smiling. The man was approximately the same height as himself, and they both sported a beard that was neatly trimmed. Nah himself offered the other man a smile as well. "That would be me," he said, "how can I help you?"

"Sorry if I've interrupted your preparations," Jesse sheepishly remarked. "But I wanted to get my induction medical done as soon as possible. If you've got a moment?"

"There is certainly no need to apologize," Nal replied. "An induction physical far outweighs what I was doing previously before you walked in." He patted the nearest biobed to have the Commander sit. "Besides, it isn't everyday that I have someone willing to actually come in for their physical without prompting to do so." Nal reached into a crate and pulled out a medical tricorder. When he first joined the Merchant Marines, he had to get used to all the medical tech the Federation used. There were pros and cons to it's Romulan counterparts, but one major pro was the sleekness. Romulan medical equipment could be cumbersome, and some of it was still at least fifty years behind the Federation's medical technology. Romulans did value health, but it typically medical was one of the last areas in the military to get funding - unless it had to do with the senior member of the military.

The medical database, from what he had seen had been installed. However, Nal knew crew files would take a while to transfer. "First question, can I get a name? Second question, anything current I need to know about? Allergies? Medical conditions?"

Jesse had lumbered onto the nearest biobed and watched as the Doctor negotiated his way around the medical bay.

"Major... Wait, sorry. Commander Jesse Temple." He responded with a mawkish grin. "Still getting used to some changes in affiliation, I guess like we all are."

He gave a casual shrug, "A few battle scars, a preference to favour my right shoulder but no medical conditions. I keep to a Marine level fitness regime, which I detail in my personal files."

"I suppose it can be hard to adapt to change, even if it's change we welcome," Nal replied. "But, it's a pleasure to meet you, Commander Temple." A long finger tapped against the tricorder control panel, and he started the scan. Human physiology was rather easy to look at, nothing stood out special concerning humans. Though Nal's training was treating Romulans, over the past five years he had gained quite an extensive knowledge of physiologies of many other Federation species. "It's good to see you are healthy, over the past five years I've seen many humans who have not taken good care of themselves."

Jesse nodded, "There's a difference between Marine life and Star Fleet life. Our regiment is probably a lot closer to the Klingons." He gave a short sniff, looking distractedly around the room. "Star Fleet has down time on Risa, comfy quarters for junior crewmen, unrestricted holodeck access. You don't get that where I served."

He gave a nonchalant smile to the Doctor, "If you don't mind me saying."

"I like Risa," Nal replied as he continued his scan. "Though, I've never served with Starfleet, but from what I gathered it can be fairly cushy. I suspect the Romulan military has a lot in common with the Marine branch of Starfleet."

Jesse nodded as he watched the doctor work. He could disassemble and reassembled a Squad Rifle in seconds but ask him what all the numbers and beeps from a medical tricorder were all about and the Marine was stumped. That's why they had trained folks like the good Doctor.

"I suppose too," He nodded in agreement. "I heard we may be going into some unchartered territory. Possibly Gorn world. Just rumours at the moment, you know how crew like to chat. But I like to be prepared no matter the contingency. I want every new crewman to be checked up before we arrive, think you'll be able to do that?"

Nal nodded. "That is certainly prudent," he replied. The tricorder continued to beep and make it's familiar noises as it showed him the internal make up of the Commander. "How are your bowel movements? I'm showing a bit of blockage?" As for the Gorn, well... that was going to be interesting.

Jesse laughed and raised an eyebrow, "I'm sure that'll work itself out eventually, Doctor, but I appreciate your concern. I met the new Safety officer earlier on the bridge, too. A very organised chap, he has some interesting ideas pertaining to his duties that I think you'll need to discuss with him. A Lieutenant Raza."

An upswept eyebrow arched at that. Nal's last assignment didn't even have a safety officer, and the Horizon Bay had one only once in a while. He didn't have much dealings with them. He assumed they served a purpose, of course, but it wasn't like he was new to the rodeo either. He could handle himself in an emergency if needed. "I'm sure he will be gracing my doorstep very soon then," Nal finally said. "Well, it looks like you are in perfect health, Commander. You are certainly fit for duty."

The Marine practically launched himself off the bio bed again and reached out enthusiastically to give the Doctor a firm hand shake, "Well thanks Doc, I appreciate the clean bill. I think we'll have our fair share of hairy situations now we're trekking off into the wilds here, but I'm sure glad we've got a Doctor like you on board."

One corner of Nal's lips pulled up into a half smile. "Thank you, Commander," he said. He had hoped they wouldn't run into too many hairy situations; though the sickbay was considered state-of-the-art for a Merchant Marine starship, it was still small. "I hope we don't get into too many scrapes, but I will be prepared if we do." He tipped his head toward the other man. "It was a pleasure to meet you, Commander, I'm sure I'll see you around."

Jesse gave the man a gentle slap on the shoulder before heading off to his next destination.



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