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In Safe Hands

Posted on Tue Sep 6th, 2016 @ 4:53pm by Lieutenant Raza & Commander Jesse Temple

Mission: 863
Location: Bridge

Having received his authorisation from the Captain and continued his tour of the ship, Commander Temple soon found his way onto the Bridge. As the doors slid swiftly open, a broad smile appeared over his beaming, bearded face. As he walked breathlessly into the room, his hand gently gliding over the newly refurbished consoles, his nostrils filled with that new ship smell.

He was about to make his way over to the center chairs when he realized he wasn't actually alone. In his amazement at being on the Bridge, he hadn't noticed the new Safety Officer Lieutenant Raza, which was surprising in itself given Jesse had never served with a Saurian before.

"Well hello there," he called out with his usual Southern charm.

"Hello, sir. Hows your day?" Raza pleasantly greeted the human as he was familiarizing himself with the ship, occasionally looking around and then back to the console then to the human, very active in his head movements, as if waiting for something to catch his attention.

"Fine and dandy," Jesse replied, "Marvelous what they've done to the old girl to bring her back to life, huh? How are you finding adapting to a refurbished ship so far?"

"Well, only met the ships tellarite, she is quite the handful, never thought I would enjoy insulting a subordinate as much as I did, but then insults are part of the species culture, if you dont insult them they think you belong in medical or something. As for the ship, Gini said your armory is empty, it isnt anymore, your welcome. Included a few crates of photon and sonic grenades in my order, medical has been stocked with extra supplies and the overflow was put into cargo hold one, along with the ever so yummy, COMBAT RATIONS!" Raza snickered as he found he liked those rations as others usually hated them. "Otherwise, just familiarizing myself with the ship's tactical systems, trained in tactical during my time in starfleet and setting up a schedule for evacuation drills and marksmen training course for all ship personnel regardless of status onboard. Just to make sure everyone is cleared with the type one phasers up to type three." Raza said as he realized he rambled as he grinned slightly as he tended to do as he tried to catch up with what he was talking about, while disarming a potential situation.

"Oh, I hope im not overstepping sir, I know im here as safety officer but safety comes in multiple forms, anyone can feel safe holding a phaser, or feeling safe firing a ships weapons, all forms of safety, I consider under my job description." Raza shook his head as he realized he said too much as he continued to look around counting how many people were on the bridge and where they were located, memorizing there positions, then smiled disarmingly at Temple. "Sir." he meekly stated.

"No, no it's all good." The Commander gave a laugh.

Jesse had never met a person who talked so quickly. He was still processing the first part of the conversation while the Lieutenant was finishing the last. But he loved Mr Raza's passion for organising and order, clearly this was a man after his own regimented heart.

"Wait, the armory?" His mind kicked in, "Thank you for overseeing that. We will actually be joined by a Chief of Security soon, so please send an itinerary to him. And you should definitely liaise with him on phaser training."

"Oh, I get a boss, should be grand. But no ship firing for me." He said with a half grin.

"And I actually have a few... toys coming onboard too." Jesse gave a nervous laugh. "A few Marine-level phaser rifles just to help our Security detail muscle up, if required. Our job, of course, is to ensure they're not needed. But I'll send you the specs when the crew delivers them onboard."

"Oh yes, when I met with the Tellarite, what a funny goat she was. Anyways, I apparently and unknowingly, I stocked up on weapons for this ship which turned out to be her ship as well, and ended up stocking up the Armory not knowing it was empty to begin with. So it was all quite confusing to be sure. But your armory is stocked and I will find a place for those marine rifles. Though I do would like to know how you got your hands on them." Raza asked with what appeared to be a sparkle in his eye or it was the glint of light off the bridge lights.

"Normally we wouldn't carry such gear," Temple acknowledged, "But there's a legitimate acquisition and permission granted from my former CO. The number one rule of any mission is to be prepared. I'm sure you'll appreciate that."

"Be prepared is the boy scout motto but it also goes for marines, they are always over zealous in preparedness when it comes to combat operations, I met a few marines on the USS Jackson and they were a good group to have around. So yes I understand it. I managed get my hands on a few phaser rifles and a few grenades. Around 100 total, half sonic, half photon. Would hate to use a photon grenade on a ship when we needed a sonic grenade." Raza said grinning. "I also brought aboard a few Grab Bags for crew so once their trained they dont have to worry about running around grabbing unimportant gear, everything they need is in those bags. Should lower the time of evacuation considerably and raises the chances of survival on planets when im done training everyone. Also, no disrespect but you and the Captain are mandatory when I start that." Raza said as he thought for a second.

"Does this vessel come with a Holodeck or holoemitters threw out the ship?, I ask as it would increase the ability for me to train the crew." Raza asked politely.

Temple nodded enthusiastically, the Lieutenant was definitely his kind of officer. Prepared to be prepared. Thinking several steps ahead. Jesse was very pleased the Star of India had him onboard. "Sounds all good to me, Mr Raza. And I don't have any problem getting stuck in and participating with the drills either, it's the best to way to keep sharp."

A polite chirping alarm sounded on his PaDD. He distractedly looked at it as he considered the Lieutenant's question. "Doubt we'll have holoemitters, might be a little fancy for a merchant ship. Holodeck should be round somewhere, though it would be a low priority for the refit crew so can't guarantee it'll be active."

"Guess im doing it the old fashioned way." Raza gave a sorta snicker that came out a bit Raspy.

Jesse nodded, "I'll have to keep moving, Lieutenant. Got another meeting."

Temple didn't reveal that his next meeting was in fact lunch, as he kept to a very strict dietary regime, managing to schedule his daily routine around nutrition and exercise. He figured the Lieutenant would probably understand but it was a conversation for another day.

The Marine held out his hand, "Welcome aboard once again, Mr Raza."

"Thank you, Commander Temple." Raza said shaking the humans hand. "Should be an eventful time aboard." he said giving a half smile.


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