Precautionary Tale

Posted on Mon Jun 27th, 2016 @ 9:09am by Captain Avin Singh
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Mission: 863
Location: Beta Quadrant | Xavier Shipyards | Guest Quarters
Timeline: June - 20th - 2388

The room had quite the view to it for guest quarters, allowing Avininder the opportunity to literally oversee the work being done on the Oberth class at the fleet yards. He was still hesitant about the whole thing. Yes, a command was something that he had always wanted, but that was when he was a young naive Starfleet Officer who dreamt of the galaxy being within his own hand, the ability to reach every star and see things that most people could not dare to dream of. All of that, the dreams and goals, the aspirations and the Starfleet uniform had all been left behind in the past. No Starfleet uniform hung in his closet nor laid folded in a drawer. He had thrown out, burned, or recycled all the uniforms he used to have after leaving the USS Concorde, after resigning from Starfleet pending the Court Martial which he did survive a free man.

He had changed a lot over the past couple years, and leaving Starfleet was not his only action towards change. Avininder Singh had shaven his beard off completely, something that went against the customs and beliefs of his family and their people. It was not that he was rejecting or pushing out the spiritual beliefs that he had grown up with, it was more that he was seeking a fresh start and a rebirth. He had also cut his hair for the first time in several years after taking off his turban, the crown of his spirituality and made the decision to keep it off. The former Starfleet Lieutenant did however keep his Kirpan though he rarely could wear it in Starfleet and always kept it in his quarters. He considered wearing the Kirpan once aboard the Oberth class starship. He did wear his Kara still and had his Kanga with him in his quarters.

Walking off over to the far corner of his guest quarters, Avininder approached the food and beverage replicator. “Starry night tea, hot” said the young man as he waited for the mug of hot tea to materialize on the small pad. Soon, the mug of tea appeared and the immediate area was filled with the aroma of chocolate truffle, hazelnut, and toffee. He picked up the mug and raised it to his nose, taking in the delicious aroma before taking a sip with his eyes closed. As he was heading back to the sofa the chime to his guest quarters rung, causing him to quickly set his mug of tea down and head over towards the door. “I'll be right there” he said calmly as he leaned forward and hit the control panel, opening the door.

Standing out in the corridor at the threshold of the doorway was a woman with long dark hair, dressed in a Starfleet uniform and with the rank pips of a Lieutenant Commander. “Shipyard security?” asked Avin with a curious look. “Have I done something to cause a visit from security?” pondered the young man. The woman had piercing eyes, irises of a vibrant subtle variant shades of purple and violet.

She simply presented Avininder a PaDD “Not Shipyard security, Lieutenant” said the woman with a quaint nod as she proceeded into Avin's quarters, allowing the door to close shut behind her. “I'm Lieutenant Commander Janet Glyndar, former Chief Tactical Officer of the USS Pandora and USS Adelaide, though I was briefly First Officer of the USS Challenger. Presently, I'm on a leave of absence” she explained.

Avin was skimming through the information on the PaDD whilst listening to the woman. “I'm not a Lieutenant anymore, Commander. I left Starfleet two years ago” he said shaking his head. The PaDD contained tactical information about the Oberth class starship with some peculiar suggestions and potential modifications. “What is all of this? Why are you here?” asked Avininder Singh.

Janet crossed her arms “You did not leave Starfleet” she said sternly. “Starfleet left you” she added sharply. “I do not know the details of your Court Martial, but I know you were cleared of any wrong doing aside from the obvious disobeying of orders. I am on a leave of absence and learned about that Oberth sitting in the shipyards was being sent back into service for the Federation Merchant interesting change of careers. I had free time to kill and felt I'd give you some recommendations and suggestions. I've gone over tactical analysis reports for the Oberth class” she said explaining herself.

Avin looked up from the PaDD “You want to help us avoid another USS Grissom incident” said the young man. “I appreciate that” he said calmly, before lowering the PaDD “I am sure my Security Chief will be appreciative of these as well...I'll relay this information once I meet my crew, Thank you.”