Posted on Fri Nov 25th, 2016 @ 1:48pm by Lieutenant JG Julia Clinton

Lieutenant Julia Clinton Personal Log - Encrypted Log Entry

Now I'm being punished for not being the perfect Clinton daughter, my advice to anyone who has high ranking parents is don't join Starfleet because they will interfere at every given opportunity, they knew I wanted to severe on a state of the art ship, I've worked to get where I am, I had had a tour of a brand new ship, a provisional offer, then bang... low and behold because we had a disagreement and the fact that I no longer wanted my security detail following and smothering me 24/7, I've suddenly been reassigned to a garbage scow.

The SS Star of India an old rust bucket that they un-mothballed from god knows where...something about an urgent need for a Chief Engineer and low and behold it's me. Damn my interfering parents. They just do no realise how tough it is being a Clinton, do they known hard it was to get where I am today, going through everyday life and the Academy with a security detail purely for my own protection. It's kept people at a distance, I don't have many friends and now I'm accustomed to my own company. I'm not going to let them win, I'm going to take this assignment and do my best as a Starfleet Officer.