A Time For Armistice

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Mission Info

Status Current Mission
Mission Group Season 1
Start Date Fri Nov 18th, 2016 @ 10:07am

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Mission Summary

With their cargo transport mission completed in the Beta Quadrant, the SS Star of India makes her way towards the Alpha Quadrant to meet with a potential client. However, a subspace transmission for Captain Singh comes through from Starfleet Command informing him of a crucial situation in the Arkonian System. Two Federation starships were on their way to Arkonia to assist the Arknoians with a crisis on their planet. A war between the Arkonians and another species had escalated over the years, and the Arkonians had recently acquired powerful weapons of mass destruction and had been hell bent on annihilating their enemies up until a few months ago when a cease fire had been signed by both Governments.

However, the weapons did not stop. They continued to act on their own, seeking out their targets and eradicating them. The Arkonians began to take in their once enemies as refugees, but now the weapons have taken matters into their own hands and have begun attacking the Arkonians as well. After being contacted by the Arkonians and supplied with scans on these 'weapons of mass destruction,' the Federation acted immediately, recognizing the weapons as being Minosian in origin, a civilization was wiped out by their own weapons which had once been encountered by a Federation crew in 2363.

Estimations are grim. If the weapons are not destroyed, the Arkonian civilization will be all but entirely extinct within the year. The United Federation of Planets simply cannot stand by and let two civilizations be wiped out by the deadly genocidal Minosian weapons. Two Federations starships from the Corps of Engineers had been dispatched, but were attacked by the Orion Syndicate, severely damaging the starships and leaving them 'dead in the water' as it were. The SS Star of India is the closest Federation starship albeit a Merchant Marine vessel. The Arkonian assignment gets shouldered by Captain Avin Singh and his crew until reinforcements can arrive. Their objectives are clear: Provide humanitarian aide and either disable or destroy the Minosian weapons!