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Lieutenant Nal Rehu

Name Nal Rehu MD

Position Chief Medical Science Officer

Second Position Second Mate

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 6’0” (185 cm)
Weight 188 lbs (85.3 kg)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Gray
Physical Description Nal Rehu is a Romulan male who stands at 185 centimeters and weighs in at a trim but toned 85.3 kilograms. He is broad shouldered, and his posture tends to be ridged more than relaxed. Before, Nal adhered to Romulan military standards: his hair was jet black and cut into the traditional military style. He was always clean-shaven and his uniform was always immaculate. Now, he has allowed his hair to grow and he has lightened it to a more dark brownish color. Though Romulan eye color varies, just like with humans, Nal is an oddity in his family in that he has gray eyes. Despite all that had happened to him, his eyes are still vibrant, and full of wonder and curiosity.

Nal now keeps closely trimmed facial hair. Though it was something to get used to at first, he now feels it suits him. Beyond that, he has no scars or any distinguishing marks that would identify him (beyond the pointed ears and upswept eyebrows).

Another rarity, though not too rare, is the tr’Rehu family either has no brow ridge, or a less prominent one. Nal’s mother is completely devoid of the brow ridge, whereas his father’s brow ridge is very subtle. Nal and his brother, S’Taerv do not sport the ridge at all. This had no bearing on the family status whatsoever.

As for his age, it is important to note that though Nal is 40 years old, this is young by Romulan standards. Most people who inquire about his age, end up being quite surprised when he says he is 40 years old. Many people forget that Romulan age far exceeds that of a human.

Although Nal has changed his appearance somewhat since his exile, he is still very much Romulan in appearance (pointed ears and upswept eyebrows), strength, and physiology.


Spouse Single
Children No offspring
Father Enriov (Senior Commander) S’Lihran tr’Rehu
Mother Maenek (Medical Doctor) Jaeih t’Rehu
Brother(s) khre’Arrain (Senior Centurion) S’Taerv tr’Rehu
Sister(s) No sisters
Other Family Large extended family, most serve in the military.

Personality & Traits

General Overview General:
Nal Rehu – formerly D’Nal tr’Rehu – is a complex man that comes with a full set of complex emotions. He is not the typical Romulan in that he isn’t arrogant, condescending or xenophobic. This is something he prides himself in, even if it led to difficulties in his former life as a solider. He would like to say he is carefree, but reality is very different. He harbors a lot of demons and resentment toward his people and his family. However, the person he most is angry with and resents is himself. He knew the risks; he knew what would happen if he got caught, and yet proceeded to follow his heart above safety. He tries very hard to put the past behind him, but he has found that ones past can be all consuming.

Since he has become free of the rigidness and tyranny of the Romulan military, he has tried very hard to break the shackles of the demons that seem to bind him. So, he focuses on his work, helping others, putting his life on the line just to prove that he can be more than just a dishonored, exiled Romulan.

Just like on any world, the Romulans also experience varying degrees of sexuality. Though gender equality is not an issue, sexuality is. If one is shown to have any varying degree of same-sex attraction, there can be serious repercussions, from jail time, to reparative therapy procedures, to exile. Same-sex attraction is considered a weakness in the Empire, and so it is something that is quietly gotten rid of. The punishable offense used to be execution, but the Romulans have claimed that is barbaric (though this practice is still ongoing in some of the smaller villages).

Nal was one of the unlucky ones who were born with the attraction toward the same gender. He had become very good at hiding it, he knew the risks and repercussions. He hid it well, and when asked about starting a family he would just use the age-old adage that a family would only get in the way of his career. That satisfied a lot of the people who questioned him. After being caught, court martialed and exiled (this was his father’s doing), he still remains tight lipped about it. He considers his sexuality a weakness, and it’s a continual struggle every day to keep it in check.

Despite living within Federation territory, knowing he could be freer, he still doesn’t say anything. He considers it one of his biggest, most terrifying demons. It’s like the Scarlett A that Hester Prynne had to bear, except his ‘Scarlett A’ is invisible, but for being invisible it certainly is a heavy load to bear.

Exile and its effects:
Nal’s exile from his home has had tremendous negative effects on him. He is lonely mostly; he misses companionship from other Romulans. He misses the Romulan way, Romulan games, Romulan literature, and of course Romulan food. Despite the resentment he holds toward his family, he misses them tremendously. It has been difficult to adapt to the Federation ways, but after five years, he feels he has mostly immersed himself in the way the Federation does things. Despite all that has happened to him, he tries desperately to keep his Romulan identity, but feels like he is becoming nothing but a small cog in a very big wheel. The only thing that seems to keep him on the even keel is his work. The Federation, especially the Merchant Marines, was always in need of good doctors and scientists. He was glad to lend a helping hand, especially if it meant he could feel useful again.

Overall, Nal tries very, very hard to fit in. He tries very, very hard to put his past behind him. He tries very, very hard to push forward, and to be himself. He falters a lot, but the important thing is he just keeps pushing forward. His ultimate goal is to one day find happiness, something he strives for daily, and one day he hopes he will just wake up and all the demons and the past will be put behind him for good.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Nal exhibits many strengths in his professional career. He is a well-trained physician with many distinctions in xenobiology, chemistry, and pharmacology. He is a fast learner, and the medical academy rigorous study program came easy to him. He had cross-trained in many fields, and with that is a very capable scientist as well. While serving with the Romulan military, and various cargo vessels, he was mostly utilized for his medical skills, however he is quite an accomplished scientist with his name on multiple published scientific articles.

He is also a compassionate man, who cares more about others than himself. This compassion had been suppressed while serving in the military, but since being dishonorably discharged, he has found that he can be as compassionate as he wishes. He has always been willing to sacrifice himself for the safety of others, and is more than willing to give the shirt off his back if it meant someone would be warm.

Nal is also quite open-minded when it comes to other races. For a long time, his father (and his mother to a far lesser extent) tried to drill in him that the Romulan race was the superior one. He never cracked under pressure, and though a lot of times he kept his opinion to himself, he often felt that those who were xenophobic were wrong in their thinking, and that is what kept Romulus from isolated from the wider galaxy. To him, he just wanted to be apart of a universe that treated others equally, and that peace could be reached if prejudice would just be extinguished. Despite being on the rather harsh end of discrimination, he still holds the belief that all people, all races, all genders, all species, matter.

Nal’s father had pointed out his eldest son’s many faults and weaknesses upon finding out his son’s true proclivities. This has lowered Nal’s self esteem and self worth incredibly, but that is just in his personal life. He doesn’t think he is worth much, and there are times he thinks about how much better the universe would be without him. Despite this, he doesn’t allow these thoughts and feelings seep into his professional life. To him, his professional life is what keeps him on the even keel; it is what truly saves him from self-destruction.

With that said, one major weakness is his propensity to work a lot. He will go for hours and hours before he will return to his quarters. Sometimes he will go days without sleep, and most times this is to avoid the realities that are his current life. It is lonely being one a handful of Romulans in Federation Territory. He has isolated himself for fear of being hurt again, so he tends to be quiet and unassuming.

As a Romulan, he feels the weight of dishonor constantly, and it’s a feeling he tries to shake with alcohol. It doesn’t always work, and it’s a habit he has tried to kick. He has gotten into more than one alcohol induced fight in his time, and that is something he wants to put behind him.

Without a doubt, one of his biggest weaknesses, at least in his own mind, is his attraction to the same gender. He continually tries to suppress it, or not give it any thought. However, it often times gets the best of him, and he goes out searching for comfort, and then after feels all the guilt rushing back. He has considered chemical castration, but feels that is just an easy way out and that it’s more important he controls his more basilar sexual needs.
Ambitions Before, when he served in the Romulan military, Nal’s ambitions were laid out for him. Since he chose medicine and science to be his specialties, he was told that he should work toward being the head of the Imperial Medical College or become a director in the Romulan Ministry of Science. Either way, despite not wanting those things, these were positions he was to work toward.

Now that he is free of all that military and parental oppression, he can get back to his true ambition: Helping others. That had been his only goal since he was young, and that got squashed out in the name of rank and position. But now, more than ever, he is free to pursue goals that are his and his alone.
Hobbies & Interests Earth literature
Writing poetry

Personal History A lot of Nal’s personal history is wrapped up and sealed in the Romulan archives. Upon joining the Merchant Marines, he was required to give some history on his application. Most people do not know much about him, or his career history, and that is something he tries very hard to keep on the down low.

Some basic facts that can be found in the Federation Database:

Earth calendar year of birth: October 10th, 2348
Planet of Birth: Romulus – Romulan Star Empire
City of Birth: Mhiessan – large port city in the northern hemisphere on the north continent

Schooling: Attended the Imperial War and Medical College and is a certified medical doctor.

Training: Military, medical, and scientific training with extensive mandatory ongoing training while serving on deep space assignments.

Current Federation Records:

In March of 2383, Nal Rehu crossed into Federation territory by way of a civilian refugee transport from a small colony near the Romulan/Federation border. Nal asked for, and was granted asylum after giving the reason for his exile. Due to his extensive military background, and training as not only a doctor but a scientist, he was forwarded to a recruiting station to join a group called the Merchant Marines. He had protested at first, but realized it was something he needed to do in order to make a living and survive.

Upon applying, and the couple of tests that were given that he passed easily, he was then put on a ship to a planet by the name of Danula Two. There he would spend the next few months training to become a ‘sailor’ as the instructors put it. He learned a lot, and though there were those uneasy with him being Romulan; most accepted him due to his skill and abilities. During those few months he talked very little about his past, though he had shared some war stories with some former members of Starfleet. It was the war stories that gained him respect among those also at the training college.

Once he was certified to train, he was placed on a merchant vessel named the SS Horizon Bay. It was a small vessel with an even smaller crew. He served as the only medical person on board. It was a life that seemed easy, the rules were relaxed, and though he was a Romulan, he was accepted. The Captain believed that everyone had a story, and that everyone deserved a second chance. Even though it was a small vessel, he didn’t socialize much, and when port calls happened, he would exit the vessel and not return until it was time to launch again.

Sometimes he left to find intimate comfort, sometimes it was that he just needed to be in open areas, and sometimes he just needed to center himself and be alone. Most of his crewmates never questioned where he went; just as long as he came back… he always came back. Mostly things were smooth, the Horizon Bay had a few dustups in the four years that Nal served, but other than that, things were status quo.

In fact, he had fully intended to sign up with the Horizon Bay once again, but the Captain decided to retire. The Horizon Bay would be sold; refit, and a new crew would man her. Nal decided to take a month off, and headed to the famed resort planet of Risa. He had heard rumors the Dominion had done a number on the pleasure planet, but when he arrived he saw no evidence of that. It was there he met Captain Abraham Fawkes, of the SS Flagstaff, another merchant vessel… a merchant vessel with a reputation that did risky, but fast service.

After some thought, he joined up with the crew of the Flagstaff. One of the things he enjoyed about the Flagstaff was the fact they did a lot of runs concerning medical needs. Then one day, Fawkes pushed it too hard with a Gorn vessel, and the Flagstaff engaged the Gorn vessel in battle. The battle forced the Flagstaff to crash land on a planet, which could have been a lot worse, but everyone survived. The Flagstaff was not salvageable, and after a week, the crew had been rescued.

Again, Nal found himself in need of a job. He ended up on Bellatrix with the promise of work. This would lead him to a meeting with a man named Captain Avin Singh, which would lead him to the SS Star of India.
Service Record Romulan Military Service:
2364 – 2367: Imperial War College
2367 – 2370: Imperial Medical College
2370 – 2371: IRS (Imperial Romulan Stardock) Talkoth (Stardock-class)
2371 – 2373: ISV (Imperial Science Vessel) Garen (Science vessel - Destroyed)
2373 – 2383: IRW D’Loth (D’deridex-class Warbird)

2383: Court Martial and Exile

Federation Service:
2383: Crosses Federation border
2383: Joins up with Merchant Marines
2383 – 2387: SS Horizon Bay (Raven-class Vessel)
2387 – 2388: SS Flagstaff (Refit Andorian freighter - Destroyed)
2388: SS Star of India (Oberth-class Vessel)