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Lieutenant Raza

Name Raza

Position Chief Safety Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Saurian
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 180
Hair Color None
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Smooth red colored skin covering his body, with claws as part of his hands, webbed feet.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Dead
Mother Trixar
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Raza like most of his species is laid back and slow to anger and can cope with changing situations and new things faster than most species: When he is on duty, he is serious and quiet, and possesses a ‘Anything is possible’ attitude towards life.
Strengths & Weaknesses Raza enjoys eating klingon food, flies, and drinking the ever popular Saurian Brandy, and due to his species, he is capable of breathing most toxic gases on most worlds due to his people evolving on a planet that has nearly 400 volcano’s that release toxic gases regularly.

Despite his body structure he also possesses strength 1.5x that of a typical human, despite the look of his body, possesses webbed clawed feet to assist him while swimming but he dislikes wearing boots as he finds boots tends to get in the way of his ability to run quickly and gills on either side of his neck to help him breathe underwater, so he can breathe both water and air easily, even toxic air quite easily, clawed hands which makes him dangerous in hand to hand combat, Possesses a secondary eye covering to allow for infrared vision. Blinded also by bright sudden light when using this secondary eye covering and becomes disorientated for a few seconds. He also can swim. He finds himself nervous when alone and really nervous when around children regardless of their age. Long tongue to snatch food out of the air.

When he went to the Academy, he learned how to fire a phaser, hand to hand combat, Advanced Tactics, along with training in the use of explosives, Knife fighting and throwing them with accuracy and learned how to track over most terrain types and learned to trap most wild game. When he wasn’t in class learning this he spent a lot of his time out in the gardens learning the power of the typical herb or flower that could provide a medicinal relief, this then caused him to become intrigued with healing people not just hurting them, so he decided to take enough classes in medical field to qualify as a paramedic.
Ambitions NA
Hobbies & Interests Gardening, working out, sunning himself, Cooking, and growing herbs for both medicinal purposes as well as nutritional purposes. When time permits he goes onto the holodeck and works out either physically or making sure his combat skills are sharp.

Personal History Raza was hatched and raised on the Saurian homeworld of Sauria. Here he was raised within the toxic environment of a world with nearly 400 active volcanoes spewing out toxic gases over the surface of his world. He didn’t know his father, only grew up with his mother who had a fetish for earth history, though she never went there herself she spent a lot of time reading about their myths and legends, and this is how Thor was named to his mother, but to the rest of the galaxy he was named Raza. She always liked the Norse gods the most and felt her son had strength within him and so she named him after such a kind and powerful norse god.

Raza had a pretty simple life, being raised away from the Saurian cities, his mother kept him away not wanting to expose him just yet to the horrors that the city life can bring and the inclinations they can bring as well. So he spent most of his day’s hunting out in the swamps of Sauria. Keeping himself and his mind busy on a ‘day to day’ mentality of things. This progressed as such until he reached the age of ten. True to most species, ten years of age by humans is considered a mere adolescent but by Saurian standards he was an adult and so he made a choice, Raza and his mother left Sauria and headed for Earth. Raza decided to leave home and join starfleet and his mother wanting to accompany him the last leg of his journey to becoming an adult.

Once they stepped foot on Earth, everything hit them all at once. So many people, cultures and traditions of how San Francisco came into being. Raza accompanied his mother to get her set up in a house to herself but she insisted she would live outside of the city as she always has done. Thor only found out about this change on their way to Earth and Raza supported his mother in the change of pace, she would be closer to her son at the academy and should anything happen to her son, she would be closer to the news.

So it was then, Raza left home and joined Starfleet Academy. Going into Security and taking side classes, Thor spent most of his time at school but when he had a day off he spent it with his mother helping her out as needed. So over the course of his Academy years, he failed in some courses but succeeded in others, finding his strength where he could, he also stayed away from potential fighting, keeping mostly to himself, though he did make a few friends along the way. Each one shipped out as time went on. When it was his time, he spent a few weeks with his mother waiting for his orders to come through.

Years passed and he gave retired out of starfleet but couldnt stay home for to long so he left and was hired onto a civilian vessel that was hiring additional security personnel.
Service Record Academy (Security, Minor in Medicine and Herbal remedies, and took an extra class in tracking)
USS Jackson
SS Star of India