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Commander Jesse Temple

Name Jesse William Temple

Position Chief Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human / Betazoid
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 92kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Jesse is a tall, broad gentleman with brown hair and deep green eyes with a dark black iris. Due to his military training, he is physically strong and athletically fit, in complete contrast to his more quiet and jovial demeanour. When not in uniform, he prefers a simple t-shirt and pants, and usually sports a neatly trimmed beard. He has a disarmingly big smile, a very deep and loud laugh, and a New Orleans tinged accent.


Father LaTreck Gray (Deceased)
Mother Commander Holly Temple (Retired)
Other Family Rear Admiral William Temple - (Deceased)
Captain Holly Temple - Grandmother (Deceased)
Commander Spencer Temple - Uncle (Retired)
Brigitte Temple - Aunt (Civilian Politician)
Ambassador Magnus Temple - Cousin (Serving on DS12)
Nicolas Temple - Cousin (Civilian)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jesse is a reserved man, who prefers close confidants over rousing speeches. He is a listener and a consultant; a man who values respectful debate and calm conversations.

He is disciplined within himself and his routine, thanks to his military background. He needs his ten kilometre run every morning or he will be quietly grumpy. He sticks to a schedule so dutifully one could tell time by it.

He takes his career and position very seriously while on-duty. He believes structure and command are a necessity for a successful crew. He is studious and well-prepared, he likes to know all the facts before making a decision.

For those close to him, off-duty he actually has a dead-pan sardonic humour, with some surprisingly dark undertones. He likes a karaoke sing-along, a drink with friends, and some unconventional practical jokes. He is warm and cares very deeply for those around him, even if he doesn't always show it.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Physically Fit and Athletic
+ Disciplined and organised
+ Studious and intelligent
+ Latent Empathic Ability

- Sticks to routine and schedules
- By the book and officious
- Hides his more casual side too well
Ambitions To become a Star Fleet Captain of his own ship. His own officiousness is holding him back, he needs to learn to adapt and improvise; to lead rather than follow.

To make his Grandmother and Grandfather proud.
Hobbies & Interests Running, reading, practical jokes, karaoke, military exercise routine.

Personal History Born on Betazed in 2356, Jesse is the only child of Holly Temple, a Star Fleet Commander, and his father LaTreck Gray, a Betazoid diplomat whom died on a relief mission before he was born. As his mother hadn't really known his father for very long, Jesse grew up with no knowledge or contact with his paternal side.

His mother, still a young career officer, tried to raise her child but found it increasingly difficult on her own in Betazed. After a few years, she returned to work and left young Jesse to be raised by this maternal grandparents on Earth, who were retired in New Orleans, USA. His mother was actually suffering from postpartum depression and the loss of her lover, thus was cold and distant to her son. Though Jesse was raised lovingly by his grandparents, he still felt the sting of rejection from his mother, creating a distance between them that still exists to this day. His sense of abandonment expanded after the death of his grandmother at aged 10.

There were happy days during his childhood in New Orleans. Mostly when he was visited by his cousins; it was his favorite time of year when Magnus and Nicolas would come to stay. After losing his wife, Grandpa William and Jesse only really had each other, so they bonded closely and this provided a significantly positive influence in his life. Jesse grew up hearing his grandfather's old Star Fleet stories, and wanted to be respected and important just like him.

During his secondary education, Jesse began to express a desire to join the Star Fleet Military as soon as possible. His grandfather wanted him to keep his options open by completing school and attending Star Fleet Academy. His mother, afraid that she would lose her son like she did her partner, expressly refused to allow Jesse to do either. She wanted him to stay in civilian service on Earth. Jesse rebelled at this order, and he began to skip school and show disinterest in his future. His mother tried to reason, argue, and order him to stay in school, but that only made him more determined to leave. At 16, while his grandfather was away, he left Earth and hitchhiked across the galaxy.

Though he was ashamed at having disappointed his grandfather, Jesse was determined to do his own thing. Unfortunately, his choices began to lead him down a criminal path, as he was forced to work for some unscrupulous smugglers or face starvation. He took whatever work he could, even if it was illegal, though the seed of guilt laid heavily on him. Finally while on a particularly risky smuggling mission, his crew was captured by Star Fleet personnel. Jesse was turned back over to his family. His grandfather cut a deal whereby Jesse would avoid criminal charges if he joined the Military Academy. Jesse expressed his deep regret at having left, and thanked his grandpa for allowing him to follow his dream career.

Despite the reprieve and finally doing what he wanted, Jesse struggled with the Marine Academy. He was not a particularly good cadet for the first few years, and his trainers often warned he could be dismissed due to his performance. He initially found the excessive training too difficult. Realising he could fail his dream and disappoint his Grandpa again, Jesse knuckled down and eventually managed to pass the Star Fleet Marine Corp Academy in 2376. He found stability and strength in routine; he finally found something he could achieve and rely upon.

Jesse was initially stationed at Camp Kovar, where he worked in ammunition and arms. He became especially skilled in long-ranged phaser rifles and sniper training. He gained the nickname Jesse James for his skills, and was drafted into Special Operations. Throughout many missions over the next ten years, Jesse gained notoriety for his sharp shooting and ability to strategically coordinate forces.

He countered his younger, rebellious years with a strict dedication to routine, schedules, and following orders dutifully. He felt only by keeping to military habits and studious focus, would he be able to keep on the straight and narrow, and to make his grandfather proud. He would not dishonour himself or his family again. And by doing so, he gained a reputation as a disciplined and focused Marine.

By 2381, Jesse's command abilities gained him a position as a Squad Leader on the USS Belvoir, then Marine Commander of the USS Denmark in 2383. He held the concurrent positions of Chief of Security and Marine Command on the USS HayMaker in 2385. Jesse had honed his personal skills to gain a position as Executive Officer of the USS Revelations in 2386.

Jesse had unsuccessfully applied for a command position of his own ship in 2387, he was rejected due to his lack of experience outside of a rigid command structure. He needed to learn to be more adaptable and creative, thus it was recommended he take a position in the Federation Merchant Marines in 2388. Here he could apply his previous experience on merchant vessels with his Marine training to ensure protection and security, with a real life lesson on life outside of regular Star Fleet routine.
Service Record 2374 - Star Fleet Marine Corp
2376 - Graduated
2376 - Camp Kovar
2377 - Special Operations (Classified)
2381 - USS Belvoir
2383 - USS Denmark
2385 - USS Haymaker
2387 - USS Revelations
2388 - SS Star Of India