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Captain Avin Singh

Name Avin H Singh

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7'' | 174 cm
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown


Personality & Traits

General Overview As a young man, it was quite clear that Avininder H. Kishore was someone with a great moral compass and very high personal standards. This showed as he always reached for the stars, doing his best to be the best both academically and as a person. He showed kindness and humanity even at a young age, placing others before himself always. He had the traits of more than just any leader, but those of a true leader who could and would care about those under him. It was as though he were destined for Starfleet, but had some years to prepare himself and prove himself worthy. Before his teenage years were over, he showed many of the desirable traits they looked for in young officers.

Though friendly and approachable, Avininder prefers to talk about a variety of subjects or discuss other people rather than discuss anything personal about himself. He easily takes on responsibility and becomes the pillar of a community, shaping himself however way he needs to to keep the community safe and stable. Avininder has a strong sense of duty and will shoulder more than his fair share of responsibilities to help others. As a scientist, he deals with things rationally and logically. The facts of any matter are very important to him. He may not openly admit it, but Avininder places a lot his energy behind security, order, and concerns himself significantly with social status and ranking. He does not want to just be liked both personally and professionally, he wants people to truly respect him and his authority. He was most certainly well on his way to being a respected First Officer with his career in Starfleet.

Avininder K. Singh believes firmly in the rules and laws be their origin science, nature, or the Federation, he will abide and adhere to them, sworn to solemnly uphold them. He leads by example and his example is usually by the book role model. Some even went as far to call him the late 24th century's poster child of Starfleet. Tradition and loyalty were at the very core of the man's heart and soul as it fed his passionate commitment to Starfleet. His role models as a Starfleet cadet included Christopher Pike, Edward Jellico, and Alynna Nechayev.

Personal History Born on the planet Earth in 2359, on the continent of Asia. Avininder's family lived in West Bengal in Eastern India where the Himalaya mountain range was the boy's backyard. Though he himself would not venture there until much later in his life as part of an academy mountain climbing and survival course. Even as a young boy, Avininder was fascinated with the stars and took up studying astrology from a young age. Science was his favorite subject in school all throughout his childhood and early teenage years. However, he also excelled at History and Mathematics but was not a fan of Art, Literature, or anything of the liberal arts side of things.

One of the more complex things about Avininder's life was a battle or struggle that most individuals did not experience much in 24th century Earth. He had to struggle between his passion for the Sciences with his family's long held beliefs in culture and tradition which were very deeply rooted in their embracing of Sikhism, a religion that originated in Southeast Asia during Earth's 15th century and to a small portion of people like Avininder's family, continues to live into the 24th century to an extent. His family and his culture would teach him one thing whereas science taught him something else. For the longest time he felt as though these two strong forces pulled him in opposite directions and was tearing him from his family. However, he later learned to not see these two forces as opposing one another, but rather as complimenting one another and slowly blending to allow Avininder to ability to create and define himself as who he was to be. The result was a man who lived in a duality of science and religion, and both helped make him into the man he has become.

In 2364 when Avininder was just five years old, his mother was contacted by Starfleet Command informing her that her husband, Avininder's father has been killed in the line of duty aboard the starship he was serving on. Avininder's father, Lieutenant JG Hiran Singh had been a career Starfleet Officer who's most recent assignment involved a promotion to the position of Assistant Chief Engineer. This left his mother and the rest of the family to help her raise Avininder. He grew up in the shadow of his father, never wavering as a child that he wanted to serve Starfleet like his father before him and his father's father before him. Both men and women in the family had a long history of serving Starfleet as far back as the 2350s.

When he turned eighteen, Avininder K. Singh got his wish as he was accepted into Starfleet Academy upon successfully completing the entrance examinations with scores high enough to merit his acceptance the following term. As a Cadet at the Academy, he naturally chose the path of a Science Officer, majoring in Cybernetics and picking up a minor in Starship Operations. His four years at the Academy went rather smoothly and he graduated within the 95th percentile of his graduating class. It was an area of good solid performance, enough to make him desirable to Commanding Officers, but it was a far cry from being the pick of the liter of recent graduates.

His career as a Starfleet Officer began in 2381 when he graduated from the Academy, earning his commissioned rank of Ensign. His first assignment was on the Galor IV annex facility of the Daystrom Institute. Ensign Singh worked in the Cybernetics division on Galor IV with a couple of other officers with a background in Cynbernetics. He had received the posting after impressing the Chairmen of Robotics at the Daystrom Institute, Captain Maddox with a paper on the future of Cybernetics. His work at the institute was solid and he proved himself to be as much an engineer as he was a scientist. His research and hard work earned him a promotion in 2383 to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. Singh remained at the Galor IV facility until 2384.

Lieutenant JG Singh transferred to the USS Concord, a Freedom class starship to serve as the starship's Assistant Chief Science Officer. The starship operated in the Beta Quadrant within Federation space. It was often dispatched on survey missions and studied stellar phenomena until a more advanced science vessel could be sent. She may have not been the best starship and definitely not the fastest thing, but it allowed Avininder the opportunity to serve on a starship and sometimes be the first science officer at the scene of an astrological event or to study a stellar phenomena. He was not sure how long he would remain aboard the smaller Freedom class starship as he definitely wanted to advance his career in Starfleet and perhaps find his way onto a Nebula class or if luck would have it a Luna class, starships that had far superior scientific labs and equipment.

However, in 2386, the First Officer of the Concorde left the starship after being offered her own command. This caused the Chief Science Officer (who was also Second Officer) to be named as her replacement as First Officer. Wanting to keep things rather self contained aboard the Concorde, the Captain and his new First Officer decided to offer the position of Chief Science Officer and Second Officer to Avininder. After some consideration, he accepted the positions and was promoted in rank according to Lieutenant. It meant staying on the smaller Freedom class starship, but it also put Avininder in good positioning for a strong career in Starfleet. He felt that being a Chief Science Officer and Second Officer aboard the Concorde would have been better than just being in a large Science department aboard a much larger starship, possibly for a handful of years before moving up and advancing.

Less than year later, everything changed because of one away mission and the mistakes of a young and inexperienced officer. The First Officer and Lieutenant Singh were sent on an away team down to a planet's surface. The Commander had let Avininder pick the rest of the away team as they would be from the Science department. It was the beginning of the mistakes. Avininder picked a fresh out of the Academy cadet who made a series of small mistakes on the away mission that placed the away team in danger.

The mistakes lead to two members of the away team being cut off from the others and trapped. The First Officer had made the tough decision to return to the beam down site and get the rest of the away team to safety aboard the starship, but Avininder disobeyed the orders and went off on his own to try and save the other two. His efforts were not successful and the Commander had doubled back to try and find Avininder, costing the Commander his life as well. In the end only Avininder and the ensign made it back aboard the Concorde alive.

It marked the end of Lieutenant Avinider Singh's career in Starfleet as the Captain read through the reports of the two survivors and saw faults in them both, but placed serious blame on Singh for disobeying direct orders that undoubtedly contributed to at least one of the three deaths. Avininder faced a court martial, but his defense made a damn good enough case to keep him from serving any time and he could walk away with a huge mark on his service records that practically rendered him unfit for command positions for a long while if ever. It was not something Avininder could live with and he resigned from Starfleet in May of 2386 after taking a leave of absence.

After some soul searching, Avininder Singh found his way back aboard starships, but not with Starfleet. Those days were long behind him and he would never go back to them. In stead, he found service with the Federation's Merchant Marines. He was given command of an old Oberth class starship that had long been retired and decommissioned from Starfleet service after having been a Federation museum ship. It needed some repair work and some upgrades, but she was to be the SS Star of India, Singh's command as a Merchant Marine. Finding a crew for the starship would mostly fall onto his shoulders be they graduates of the Merchant Marine Academy, ex or retired Starfleet, or even pardoned members of the Maquis. All he needed was a few officers and a good bunch of enlisted men and women to keep the old Oberth going.