Isabelle Merteuil

Name Isabelle Merteuil

Position Civilian Merchant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Impeccably groomed and poised, Isabelle is a sophisticated, tempered, and considered woman. She is known for wearing blood red lipstick and dark sculptured eyebrows, usually arched high when bemused or annoyed.

Isabelle wears conservative, business-like civilian clothes, but in feminine hues. Though already naturally tall, she still wears heels and enjoys looking down at others, especially male adversaries.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Mercutio Merteuil
Mother Yolanda Merteuil
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Louis Gerard (Former spouse)
Gerard Family (Former in-laws)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Isabelle has become a resolute and ambitious person in her adulthood, having dedicated herself to modern day business and the pursuit of personal success. To some, she can seem cold and uncaring, but she is unreservedly aspirational and self-motivated. She is also surprisingly sardonic in her humour.

Ms. Merteuil exudes confidence and poise, and her tone is measured and purposeful. Isabelle has neved started a sentence she didn't know how to finish, never started an argument she didn't know how to win.

Despite recent set-backs, she believes she can build up her own enterprises and trading company.
Strengths & Weaknesses  +Intelligent

-Focused on her career
-No Federation training
-Cold to those who cannot help her
Ambitions  To become a successful businesswoman on her own, to operate a successful private merchant company in new and unclaimed territories.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, writing, business, fencing.

Personal History Born in a rural town in the north of France, her father a local teacher and her mother a counselor, Isabelle enjoyed a simple provincial up bringing. In a world of farming and quiet existence, Isabelle was often called a sunflower amongst the wheat. She was always looking for something brighter.

Reaching maturity, most of her peers in the town were looking to go to Paris to join Star Fleet, to serve the United Federation of Planets, or live in the modern city. Isabelle went too, mostly to escape rural life, but she had no desire to join Star Fleet. She didn't want to become a dedicator officer, or the rosey-cheeked Gold Shirts in the Academy posters. She lived for independent living, a self-sufficient life.

Becoming more decisive, she quickly realized that Earth and the UFP could not hold her ambitions. She was a business woman in a society dedicated to the pursuit of science and diplomacy. She wanted to go where the entrepreneurs of the galaxy went. Isabelle left Earth for Risa and gained employment at a holiday resort on the pleasure planet.

After waiting tables and slinging drinks for a while, Isabelle started work for the Gerard Entertainment Group, owned by a successful construction family who specialised in recreational   hotels and entertainment facilities. She caught the eye of the elder Gerard patriarch, and Isabelle worked his wondering eye to gain a lucrative role in client services. She knew this was her ticket to become a manager for one of their locations, maybe even run her own business.

Isabelle was matched with the Gerard's oldest son Louis and the two began dating. For the ambitious young woman, she thought this would help cement her career and gain her own portfolio in the company. For Louis and his father, she was going to be sidelined into wifely duties and motherhood. But they were in love, or at least mutually agreed convenience, so the courtship and engagement were quick. The two were married in the forecourt of the Gerard's newest hotel.

The marriage was even shorter. It quickly became clear that Isabelle was not going to be a housewife. She once left the quiet life behind and had no plan to sit around raising kids. When the romance failed, so too did her working relationship with the Gerard group. An airtight prenuptial left Isabelle with nothing but a small monthly stipend.

Now completely on her own, she was no less determined to build her own empire. She realized that in private business, outside of the Federation, builders relied on outside contractors to supply the goods and materials for their projects. There was always a demand for the trade and transport of such goods, and this is where she'll make her mark.

Starting from scratch, Isabelle found a role in the Merchant Marines on the SS Star of India.
Service Record None.