Able Crewmen Zachariah Moore

Name Zachariah Mathias Moore V

Position Support Craft Pilot

Second Position Propulsion Specialist

Rank Able Crewmen

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 19

Physical Appearance

Height 167cm (5'6")
Weight 65kg (145lbs)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description What Zachariah Moore lacks in height; he more than makes up for in strength, he is toned, strong, quick, and agile. He has dark brown hair, which he doesn't do anything to, and green eyes that are no long vibrant (in fact they look rather dull and devoid of life). He deems the uniform a necessary evil (this goes back to having to wear a jumpsuit in the penal colony) and when he can he sheds it for something of his own liking. A lot of times, when he is in his own quarters, he likes to just walk around nude. It's freeing, at least to him.

He has a few identifying marks, some tattoos, and some scarring from fights that has has gotten into over the years. Doctors have offered to remove the scars, and the tattoos but he won't allow it. To him, they are reminders of his past that he keeps in order to remind him that he needs to be a better person in order to move forward.


Spouse Single
Children No Children
Father Captain Zachariah Mathias Moore IV (Starfleet)
Mother Lt. Commander Charlottee Moore (Starfleet)
Brother(s) Brett Moore (15 - twin to Brenna)
Sister(s) Brenna Moore (15 - twin to Brett), Amy Moore (12)
Other Family There are a bunch of Moore's who are all over the Federation and beyond.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Zachariah is a quiet and reserved young man, who doesn't particularly care to talk about his life, or the time he did in a juvenile penal colony. He already knows his parents are disappointed in him, feeling he has wasted his life in a lot of different ways. He doesn't trust easily, but once you have gained his trust you have a friend for life, a friend will do just about anything to help you out. Since joining the Merchant Marines, he has tried to be on his best behavior, and since he considers the Merchant Marines his family now, he tries to be as loyal as possible to the organization. He falters, he know he does, but he just tries to work hard to be better each and every day.

He also is very isolated, alone, and has a lot of dark demons that he deals with on a daily basis. He isn't one to complain, or reach out, but there are times he wishes someone would notice how much of a tortured soul that he really is and help him out. He doesn't feel loved or wanted, and aimless. He craves that type of attention, though has yet to find any of that in people he have met. Most people he has encountered in his life have either used him, abused him, or treated him like a piece of meat that could be used and abused. Even his own parents never showed him the love and affection that he sorely craved as a child and young teenager. They didn't nurture him as most children were nurtured, and though they knew of his intelligence, they didn't push him to succeed, they were too busy with their own careers.

Mostly, Zachariah just does his thing, tries to keep himself out of trouble and his nose clean. That is really all that he can hope for.
Strengths & Weaknesses Though he wouldn't readily admit it, Zachariah's most valuable strength is his intelligence. He is quite smart, and has registered in genius levels in a lot of psychological testing (though he hates standardized testing). He has been listed as a prodigy when it comes to most things engineering. He is able to work out most equations and algorithms in his head, and even more complex ones can easily be recited. Zachariah has a particular interest in propulsion, and since he was young has learned all that he could about how Starfleet vessels use propulsion. He has a notebook that he keeps all the information, and secretly he has been trying to work on a new propulsion that is cleaner and more efficient.

Another strength is that Zachariah can be incredibly loyal, but that is only after you gain his trust. Once you have, you are a friend for life with him, he would do just about anything for you... up to and including going to jail for you if it means protecting you (though it he has a hard time deciphering who is a true friend and who are pretending to be his friend). To him, loyalty and trust are two of the fundamental things one most have in order to have a successful friendship.

Despite all that happened in his past, he is considered a hard worker. Even while an inmate, he worked hard, he did what he was told, and though old habits die hard, he tried his best to keep those at bay or at least rectify the situation before it got out of hand.

Some of his weaknesses are obviously his past, and his criminal record. Once people find out about it, he is judged before they even know him. He deals with a lot of unresolved anger, and not only does he have trust issues, he can't be entirely trusted either. He hasn't always used his intelligence for good, and though he is trying to change that, he isn't always successful. There have been times he has broken into quarters, and offices to get something or too get something for someone.

Which leads to another weakness, a weakness he hates himself for, and that is a desperation for friendship. He always felt like the odd one out, and would do anything for anyone to make a friend. As a child and even his early teen years he was bullied for his intelligence, and his small stature, and made fun of mercilessly. It's this wanting to be accepted that lead him to becoming hardened, which then lead him to the penal colony.
Ambitions It is the lack of ambition that led Zachariah to the Merchant Marines, or at least that is what his father had pointed out multiple times. However, Zachariah just really doesn't know what to do with himself. Maybe it's his intelligence, maybe it is lack of ambition, but he just isn't sure. He knows he has the potential to do great things, to even be a great engineer or mathematician or pilot, but he just isn't sure where to start or even how to start. No one, including his Starfleet parents, were ever around enough to nurture his talents. He just needs someone to really just help him, help him become a better person, a better man, and to help him find direction.
Hobbies & Interests Zachariah really doesn't have any hobbies, except for maybe doodling in a notebook, or just tinkering with something. His interests vary, so he really can't pin down a favorite in that regard. He does get a thrill out of piloting, and has become quite good at it over the past year. However, he doesn't have that 'explorers spirit' like so many humans seem to have, and being in space to him is nothing but a boring void. He saw joining the Marchant Marines as a way to get away from Earth, from his past, so to him this is just a job.

Personal History Date of Birth: April 10, 2369.
Place of Birth: Starfleet Medical, San Francisco - Earth

Service Record 2374 - 2385: San Francisco Public School System
2385: Drops out of School
2385 - 2387: Federation Juvenile Penal Colony (Finishes his education)
2387: Unknown Wearabouts (Approximately 4 months)
2387: Joins Merchant Marines, basic training - which he passes with flying colors
2387 - 2388: Cargo Vessel Triumph, Deck hand/Jack of All Trades/Pilot
2388 - Star of India, Crew Support