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Ensign Neema Omari

Name Neema Omari LPN

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Benzite
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 5'0''
Hair Color None
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Relatively short by human standard, Neema is actually rather average height for a member of her species. Her skin is primarily blue with subtle shades of green, brown, and gold throughout. Her facial features are somewhat bland and unamusing for the Benzite standards of beauty on Benzar, but some foreign species have stated that she is rather attractive looking for a Benzite. Like all others of her species, Neema's body is protected by a smooth chitinous covering. Her head is bald and smooth and possesses a prominent, fleshy nasal lobe and brow. Two catfish-like barbells protrude from the region above the upper lip, another extends from each side of the nasal lobe; the Benzites refer to these barbells as "whiskers". A Benzite’s ears are positioned high on the skull, and rise into points. Their hands feature two opposable thumbs, one on each side of the palm, with three fingers situated in between. Webbing may connect the fingers to a limited extent, in some individuals.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Despite having a resting face that seems entirely void of emotion or care and at times looking bitter or sour in mood, Neema actually has a nice personality. She simply does not know how to maintain a smile for very long and as a result tends to hold what some refer to as 'resting bitch face.' She has worked very hard to finish her studies and earn her degree in nursing. This is something she takes extremely seriously and had graduated top of her class at the Maritime Academy. She chose a competitive field for many reasons, but aside from her love of medicine and helping others, she is also highly competitive herself and is her own worse critic. Her biggest fear is washing up and being seen as a failure.
Strengths & Weaknesses EXPERTISE:
▪ Infectious Diseases
▪ Microbiology

- Neat and Orderly
- Very Focused
- Sincere and Caring

- Does not like crowds (suffers from anxiety)
- A bit of a loner
- Self critical and overly competitive
- Comes off as sardonic
Ambitions Experience and Education are the two most important things to Neema at this point of her life. She has all but written off romance as an option. In fact, she prefers the company of a pet or pets rather than the company of another sentient being. It is not that she dislikes people. If she had, she would not be a nurse. The truth is she is deeply afraid of making a lasting connection with anyone because they may become sick or even die. People are always her patients, but she does not treat animals.

▪ Become a Registered Nurse
▪ Continue her education and go to Medical School
▪ Become a Physician (MD)

Hobbies & Interests ▪ Fungiculture
▪ Music

Service Record 2384-2388: United Federation of Planet's Maritime Academy
2388-xxxx: SS Star of India - Nurse - Ensign