Crew Awards - As Voted By You

Posted on Tue Oct 11th, 2016 @ 3:33pm by Commander Jesse Temple

Greetings folks,

Now that we're underway, it's time to introduce our internal Crew Awards. This is our chance to nominate our fellow players, share some love, and maybe gain recognition for your great work.

Awards are given at the start of each month and are nominated by all of us within the playing group. So if there's a player, character, post, personal log, or even bio, that you think deserves recognition, here's your chance.

Quick Guide:
- Nominations are due by the end of each month
- Awards are based on our nominations
- You may nominate up to three players per month

How To Nominate:
Send Commander Temple a PM with your nomination, including:

1)Name of Player/Character
2)Reason - a few sentences as to why you like this player, their character, post, bio, conduct, etc.
3)Examples (optional) - such as a specific post title.

You may nominate up to THREE players per month.

Why Nominate?
Some reasons you may wish to nominate include:
- Humorous or Fun posts
- Emotional or dramatic writing
- Original or unique character
- Notable Trek Technobabble
- Team Player, great with joint posts
- Full of ideas and creative input
- Action and Adventure!
- They've chosen a really attractive actor or model for their bio.

Okay, maybe not the last one. Unless they're really, really good looking.

How Awards Are Given:
Nominations are to be given by the end of each month. Awards will be given by Commander Temple based on the nominations and reasons given. There's no fixed catagories, no limit on the amount of awards, no cap on how many awards someone can win. It's entirely up to us as a playing group to share the love.

So get nominating today!



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