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Have Ship, Will Travel. (New Number, Same Song)

Posted on Thu Sep 22nd, 2016 @ 7:13am by Captain Avin Singh

Out of Character, Several months ago, the SS Star of India was launched under my command. I chose to open her in Bravo Fleet's 93rd Task Force after having successfully been an XO for the USS Tornado and enjoying my time working with Patrick (Grax) as he is the TFXO for 93 and the CO of the USS Tornado. Task Force 93 has a wonderful history and an excellent canon involving the Federation, the Gorn, and the Klingon Empire. It is Bravo Fleet's all encompassing Beta Quadrant Task Force. The SS Star of India was planned out with 93 in mind, with us continuing to help them with their canon. However, things change.

As a Commanding Officer in Bravo Fleet, and a former Task Force Executive Officer (TFXO) there are times when you take a chance and hope to be helpful. Therefore, if you have happened to catch some slight changes on our main/home page, you would have noticed that I no longer have Task Force 93's logo on our site. Why is this? Well, because we are making a move. The SS Star of India is hereby switching from Task Force 93 to Task Force 72. In short this means, we will be moving from the Beta Quadrant to the Alpha Quadrant. This will have no effect on our completed posts or the mission(s) we are currently working on. The transition will happen rather smoothly in character and in story/plot.

The benefits of being a Merchant Marine vessel that primarily hauls cargo is that we work contracted jobs, thus we accept jobs contract by contract. This just means the SS Star of India will start taking more Alpha Quadrant contracts. There is no sugar coating it, guys. Task Force 72 is not the most secure or stable of Task Forces in Bravo Fleet. They have taken heavy losses and now only have us and two other ship simulations. It's a Task Force weak in numbers and energy, but that is where we are coming in (like a wrecking ball?). We are just going to focus on what we do best. Writing. We are going to tell our tales and develop our characters. That's really what Task Force 72 needs right now. It needs a ship/simulation that can come in write their hearts out. So, let's band together and make a name for ourselves in 72!


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