Honoring our Fallen Brother

Posted on Mon Aug 29th, 2016 @ 11:17am by Captain Avin Singh


As we have now successfully acquired a healthy number of crew to make this dream of mine a reality, I have already authorized the writers of our Chief Engineer and our Chief Safety Officer to work on specs for the SS Star of India. Of course I will be assisting in this as well and overseeing all matters with AJ (Jesse Temple) our Chief Officer (aka Executive Officer). As we welcome new faces to this crew on our maiden voyage after we launch, I wanted to finally make this announcement and do something that I have been waiting to do for a few months now.

Several months ago, the USS Argonaut had a change in command. Her former Commanding Officer resigned and her Chief Engineer stepped up to the role of Commanding Officer. Her new Commanding Officer was Patrick Gagle (aka ConfusedFire around Bravo Fleet's IRC and on RSB). Well, I had been a member on the Argonaut and ultimately tendered my resignation following the previous CO resigning. However, Patrick Gagle reached out to me and asked me to come back, to help him make the Argonaut what it could have been again, a glorious ship earning awards and recognition around Bravo Fleet. Patrick was a member of the United States Armed forces, proudly serving in the United States Navy.

The Argonaut was destined for greatness with Patrick at her helm and I was honored to be his right hand. However, life throws us some pretty nasty curve balls and only several days after taking command and discussing plans with me, Patrick took a LOA for two weeks of training for the Navy. Tragically, my friend and the community's beloved brother, Patrick, lost his life in an automobile accident during his time away. The doors of the Argonaut closed and she powered down one last time. Bravo Fleet has honored Patrick and we all will miss him. I most certainly will miss this man's wonderful upbeat personality and the charisma he showed, so eager to reach for great things as the new CO of Argonaut.

It is now that I would like to announce that one of the SS Star of India's shuttles, a type 18 shuttlepod will be named in Patrick Gagle's honor. On this day the 29th of August, 2016 at 19:12 hours (Japan Standard Time), the shuttlecraft Gagle shall be a known assigned auxiliary vessel housed in one of the Star of India's shuttlebays.

Raymond J.H. Dale (Captain Avininder Singh)
Officer Commanding, SS Star of India



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